There is currently an indiegogo campaign for the “Flower Shell,” a product that a first glance appears to be some sort of joke or political message. The Flower Shell is essentially a 12 gauge shotgun shell filled to the brim with flower seeds. The shell is then fired at the ground, apparently as a method of planting a variety of different flowers.

Creator Per Cromwell, at least, thinks it’s a good idea. Cromwell works at ST, a “Scandinavian Creative Lab” that was also behind ideas such as a hovering lamp that follows users around and an actual flying carpet. Cromwell is still searching for funds to begin production, but if successful, he expects to market the Flower Shell in packets of four for $50. Accordingly, a warning on the Flower Shell’s indiegogo page states that these shells are still dangerous and should be regarded as live ammunition. It also should be noted that ST is connected to the similarly-named advertising company Studio Total in Sweden, which is known for its controversial and attention-grabbing campaigns.

Video demonstrations can be seen below (even if they’re all incredibly similar).


And the last:


Image screenshot of video by ST on YouTube

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  • ManOfTheLog

    Big deal – I can make these myself – if I wanted to, but why waste the powder, wad and primer – not to mention the time? Maybe shoot a duck with snapdragons…