While many towns have their own, unique New Year’s traditions, the city of Port Clinton, Ohio definitely has one of the fishiest. Known to some anglers as the Walleye Capital of the World, Port Clinton plays homage to New York’s famous ball drop with a similar tradition of their own—involving a walleye, of course. You can watch a commercial for the walleye drop below:

According to the walleyedrop.com, the first walleye was made for the drop by contemporary artist Andre Cuthel out of 120 pounds of paper, pulp, and assorted adhesives in 1996. The creation last barely a year before it suffered a crack in 1997 and was replaced with a sturdier 600-pound fiberglass fish that was used ever since. The celebration draws in thousands of visitors to the small town every year, which is known for its large population of perch, walleye, and other fish in waters nearby.

Image screenshot of video by PIBTV on YouTube

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