Fish skin is rarely good for anything, and is often discarded during the cleaning process. However, for the past few years some designers have been touting salmon skin as the next great thing in eco-friendly fashion. It is an innovative idea, but this fishy material is rather difficult—and expensive—to make.

The people behind salmon leather say it is just as durable as cow leather of the same thickness. In addition, salmon skin offers a 100 percent usable surface, has a strong 3D texture, and is very flexible. Because they are made from materials often thought of as trash, salmon leather is considered sustainable. Due to the small amount of material available from each fish, it would take many “skins” to construct something as large as a coat or even a belt.

But at least they don’t smell like fish.

You can listen to developer Stiven Kerestegian describe his process below:

Here is a look into one method of tanning salmon skins:

Image screenshot of video by shamengo2 on YouTube

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