Bushnell introduces the Elite Long Range Hunting Scope (LRHS), a 3-12x44mm configuration in the company’s debut of the Elite Tactical Hunter line. This scope integrates technology and functionality from Bushnell’s Elite Tactical series to serve long-range specialists.

The LRHS is Bushnell’s first hunting riflescope to offer a reticle in the scope’s first focal plane. The new G2H milliradian-based reticle helps hunters range targets at any magnification setting. The G2H reticle has .5 mil hash marks with eight mils of holdover and six mils of windage data. In addition, the reticle’s center features a Vital Bracket, which has a diameter of two Mils at any range, equivalent to 7.2 inches at 100 yards.

The scope is built with a forged aluminum one-piece 30mm tube, and it measures 13 inches and weighs 26 ounces. The LRHS also features low-profile, tactical-style turrets calibrated in 0.1 mil clicks with 10 mils of adjustment per revolution. Its elevation turret carries the RevLimiter zero-stop mechanism so hunters can “dial up” and quickly return to the preset zero without dialing past zero. The scope also features a rubber-armored fast focus eyepiece and side parallax adjustment to retain crisp, clear sight pictures at any range.

For more information about the Elite Long Range Hunting Scope, visit Bushnell Outdoor Products at www.bushnell.com or call (800) 423-3537.

Image courtesy Bushnell

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