Tag. Track. React. That’s what tactical shooters and hunters with long-range expertise can do with Remington’s new Model 700 Long Range 2020 rifle package. Each of these high-tech, high-end systems—which are zeroed at the factory—come with a wheeled hard case equipped with custom-fitted foam inserts and a mounted Remington 2020 Digital Optic System (created via a collaboration between Remington and TrackingPoint).

The package also comes pre-loaded with three ballistic solutions for the paired ammunition types in .30-06 caliber. The rifle is hand-selected, and its optics system comes with four rechargeable batteries, a charging cradle for two batteries, an eyeshade and removable infrared filter, and a 115VAC power supply cord for the charging cradle (12DVC output).

The rifle features a 26-inch heavy barrel and a Bell & Carlson M40 stock. The package includes 300 rounds of ammunition, which consists of 100 rounds each in three ammunition types: 168-grain Remington Premier Match, 180-grain Remington Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded, and 168-grain Barnes VOR-TX Tipped TSX BT. Its price is expected to fall around $5,000.

Image courtesy Remington

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2 thoughts on “Remington Model 700 Long Range 2020 Comes Equipped with Digital Optic System

  1. Wow. Do you sell a motorized tripod and wifi trail cam so it can be fired from my xbox and ps3 controllers ? That way I could watch everything from my 4K flat screen at home and go cut the rack off when I get around to it. Sure saves time and no need to actually spend time hunting or developing those annoying skills. Can’t wait to sell my reloading equipment since the rounds are supplied. Great companies. Really shitty idea for true hunters. Unless they’re sniping people. What market are you shooting for ?

  2. This setup is only good out to 500 yards and can’t compensate for wind drift. Seems like an expensive solution to the easiest part of “long-range” shooting.

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