The new ACCURA MR muzzleloading Mountain Rifle from CVA joins the company’s expanding ACCURA V2 lineup, which is famous for its accurate Bergara barrels. The rifle is designed to handle extreme weather conditions and rough handling in tough terrain.

CVA borrowed the action style and stock design from its APEX, the company’s muzzleloading/centerfire interchangeable model. Even so, the gun weighs just over 6.35 pounds, a full pound lighter than the APEX, because of its aluminum frame. This weight advantage, combined with the compact 25-inch barrel, makes the ACCURA MR more maneuverable than most high-dollar smoke-poles.

Other ACCURA V2 features include a quick-release breech plug, trigger-guard actuated breeching action, neutral center-of-gravity trigger, and a premium SoftTouch stock with rubber grip panels. It also features CVA’s WeatherGuard barrel finish on its 416 grade stainless steel barrel.

The gun is available in Realtree Max-1 or black stock finishes, and each comes with a matching Quake Claw Sling. A DuraSight Dead-On scope mount is included, as is CVA’s new Palm Saver Ramrod.

Image courtesy CVA

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