For Heinz Naef, the verification of his record Alaska-Yukon moose by a Boone and Crockett Club (B&C) panel was the proverbial icing on the cake. Naef’s record was all but official when the rack was scored by B&C measurer Clint Walker last month at 263-1/8. However, Naef needed to bring his moose to Reno, Nevada for review by a Special Judges Panel as a formality.

In the end, the panel decided to bump up the final score to 263-5/8. Those measurements make Naef’s moose one of only two to ever score above 260. The other was the previous world record, which was harvested by John Crouse near Alaska’s Fortymile River two decades ago. That moose scored 261-5/8.

Naef’s accomplishment is already the talk of the town in his home of Dawson City, Yukon. Naef bagged his record moose on September 22 of last year along the Yukon River. The hunter used a rifle chambered in .303 and 180-grain Winchester ammunition, and made the 35-yard shot over iron sights.

“Congratulations to Yukon Territory’s wildlife conservation agency, Environment Yukon, on succeeding in the many factors that go into ensuring healthy populations of moose,” said B&C Vice President of big game records Eldon Buckner.

As for Naef, he says that the meat from the 1,250-pound animal is in a freezer and should last him until next fall. Despite his record trophy, Naef describes himself as a meat hunter, so much so that he almost did not submit the moose for scoring.

“It is the best meat you can get in the world,” Naef said.

You can read our original coverage of Naef’s record moose here.

Image courtesy Boone and Crockett Club

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2 thoughts on “World Record Moose Verified by Panel

  1. Great quote, “It is the best meat you can get in the world”. This is what hunting is all about, nothing wrong with trying to shoot a big set of horns, but I Iike this guy. We put too much emphasis on things other than the fun of hunting and enjoying the bounty of the harvest.

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