Florida residents are no strangers to alligators appearing in strange places, but golfers in Englewood did not expect one of the reptiles to interrupt a game last week. The incident happened in the Myakka Pines golf club, and although golfers say that this is not the first time they have seen an alligator on the club’s grounds, it is the first time one got involved. Somehow, a golf ball found itself resting on the top of the animal’s head.

“It was just a strange happening. Definitely one of the stranger things I have seen on the golf course,” golfer David Pucin told WWSB.

Nobody seems to be sure how the ball got there. Some speculate that maybe one especially talented golfer managed to land the ball on the reptile’s head. Others say that perhaps someone tossed it on or even walked up to the animal to place it.

Myakka Pines currently has no plans to remove its scaly guests. Park managers say that visitors should keep their distance from alligators and refrain from harassing them. It is not overly unusual for Florida golf courses to play host to alligators, which draw in more tourists and golfers.

It is not known if the gator would be interested in a role for a possible sequel to Happy Gilmore.

You can see an interview with Myakka Pines’ management below:

Image screenshot of video by Crocodilebay on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Alligator Provides New Hazard for Florida Golf Course

  1. We have our share of alligators on the Laurel Oak golf courses but not about to get close enough to check whether any is sporting a golf ball.

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