Last Thursday the California state Senate approved SB 808, a bill sponsored by Senator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) that seeks to regulate homemade and 3D-printed firearms. De Leon and the bill’s supporters refer to these firearms as “ghost guns,” or firearms that lack a serial number and can be obtained without a background check.

“Advances in technology, particularly 3D printers, have created a threat of plastic and self-assembled firearms,” said de Leόn in a release. “We’re even beginning to see an emerging industry and market for untraceable and undetectable ghost guns.”

SB 808 will require homemade or self-assembled firearms to be registered with the Department of Justice through a serial number and gun owner background check. 3D-printed firearms will require a permanent metal component that can be screened by metal detectors.

“It does not ban homemade guns. It simply holds these assembled guns at home to the same standard,” de Leon told the Associated Press.

Supporters of the bill say that this requirement will keep homemade firearms out of the hands of criminals and those barred from owning them. Gun rights groups, however, say that the bill will only provide a serious headache for police officers.

“Law enforcement officers who will have no way to determine if someone’s firearm is a legally-possessed pre-SB 808 non-serialized firearm or an illegal post-SB 808 firearm,” stated the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL).

The inclusion of 3D-printed firearms in the bill’s language is also drawing some ire from 3D-printing enthusiasts. Plastic-printed guns are relative newcomers to California’s gun control debate, but are quickly drawing attention. Last year, Congress renewed the Undetectable Firearms Act for another 10 years, but did not include the proposed amendments to regulate 3D-printed firearms.

“Gun parts can be obtained online or now with 3D printers made at home, leaving no way for law enforcement to ensure that prohibited individuals are not making ghost guns on their own,” said Senator De Leόn. “No one knows they exist and there is no way to know if criminals are circumventing firearms laws by making these guns.”

Earlier this year de Leon was criticized for his misuse of firearm terminology when speaking at a press conference announcing the legislation.

“The Senator’s use of made-up terms like ’30 magazine clip’ and ‘ghost guns,’ among others, confuses the public as to the actual policy issue: the state’s long history of failure to go after armed criminals and prosecute real crimes,” commented the CAL-FFL.

You can see de Leon talking at the press conference below:

Image screenshot of video by CASenDems on YouTube

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23 thoughts on “California “Ghost Gun” Bill Passes State Senate, Targets Homemade Firearms

  1. Yes, we understand. 3D-printed weapons are a VERY sceary thing to these guys. Think of all the money they loose when people start printing guns themselfs! How can they now earn money on someone elses expences now?

  2. Are these California politicians ALL nuts? Or were they just born with their heads up their arses and never took them out? Any person or group of persons can simply purchase a 3D printer and make whatever they want on it since those a-hole politicians, and the equally inept police (they who arrive to take a report AFTER the fact), cannot be where all the printers are, nor monitor what they are making.
    So these truly STUPID people not understand that CRIMINALS are precisely that BECAUSE they refuse to follow the law. Best thing to do is to have a minimum 10 years WITHOUT SENTENCE REDUCTION tacked on to whatever sentence they’re given for whatever law it is they’ve broken IF THEY USED A GUN IN IT’S COMMISSION. The added sentence BEGINS AFTER they’ve served the initial sentence.
    It won’t stop gun crime, but it certainly will make them pause since it WILL put them away for a full 10 + years. Should a death occur as a consequence of their use of a firearm, the should get only two trials and a max of 4 years from their apprehension to the death penalty being applied. The second trial should be a Federal Court of Appeals and that should end it UNLESS the SC takes it on AFTER the FC decision. No more 15 years of dragging it all out.
    The offender could be given an alternative: Bread and water, hard labor in chains, and solitary confinement when not at labors. This to satisfy the anti-dealth penalty jokers.

    1. These people don’t think like normal people. Common sense is absent from their mind. It’s a shame, too as most people lack common sense and therefore, believe everything they’re told. ANYONE with half a brain knows gun control only affects law-abiding citizens. Dan’s right. It’s people like this fool that cause people to try and fly under the radar with their weapons.

  3. HELP! Send reinforcements! We’re stuck behind enemy lines in “the People’s Glorious Republik of Kalifornia!”

  4. Home-made firearms have been excluded from federal regulation for as long as people have been making home-made firearms. This idiot has just now discovered an ancient practice and has gone ballistic.

    I wonder if he knows that wine and other forms of home-made spirits are also exempt from federal regulation and taxes. Oh crap… I just realized that I’ve been drinking ghost beer. Does that make my farts little Caspers??

    Given that a lot of water has already run under the bridge, there’ll be little that law enforcement will be able to do to curb the printing of 3D components. Who’s to say that the one in my hand wasn’t printed yesterday before passage of SB808? And I’m working on that “30 magazine clip” that empties in 1/2 second. Don’t laugh, it’s possible because as the media has proven… if you print it, it’s real.

  5. LEO-ATF ! Law enforcement officers; after the fact !! Citizens, you need to protect yourself from those who would do you harm. The Law will soon be there to take your report.

  6. Hopefully, CA Sen. DeLeon’s intelligence IS NOT representative of his constituents or colleagues; sadly, I think it is.

  7. “Supporters of the bill say that this requirement will keep homemade firearms out of the hands of criminals and those barred from owning them.”
    How? How is going to prevent a criminal from downloading a CAD drawing, sending it to his 3D printer and assembling the gun? Do these people just make shit up and hope it sticks?

  8. Senator de Leon according to FBI affidavits (under oath) received $25,000 in illegal bribes. So even though President Trayvon loves him long time, he really should be prosecuted

  9. just another wasted law that only law abiding citizens will try to follow. When are these dicks going to realize that criminals do not follow the law because they are CRIMINALS. I can just imagine the conversation a gang member going in to register his homemade zip gun will have. Hi, I have to register this zip gun I made in my hood. What is the purpose you are going to use it? I plan on popping a few caps in the guys down the street, thier crib is invading my area. Oh’ well that seems like a legitimate reason. Here is your registration and a unique registration sticker for the barrel so we know where to find you should you drop it at the crime scene. Idiots, all of them!

  10. Wow this guy wasted breath on this one surprised if anyone understood that. Completely lost it after the very metal “undetectable ghost guns”. HA made my day

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