It is not uncommon for eagle watchers in the Quad Cities Area to present the birds with a fishy snack. According to WQAD, photographers throw fish meat into the Mississippi River in a play for the much-coveted shot of an eagle swooping down. Although the practice is discouraged by wildlife experts, bird watchers say there is nothing illegal about it.

“I do get pictures without it, but I get a lot better pictures by doing it ’cause they’ll come closer,” said photographer Ken Kester.

But there is only so far that the bird watchers can throw the fish, and the eagles shy away from the shore. A number of photographers have come up with a new plan: launching the fish with a catapult. Some designs are little more than a large slingshot while others are significantly more sophisticated. Either way, these contraptions seem to get the job done.

Not everyone is happy about it however, and some dedicated photographers say that this method is a sort of cheating. Others say that it could cause trouble down the line if the birds associate humans with food.

You can see a video of a catapult being used below:

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3 thoughts on “Video: Eagle Watchers Build “Fish Catapult” for Perfect Photo

  1. That’s true, the eagles depending on humans for food. That is verified by humans depending on food for food. It’s called food stamps and welfare.

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