As hog hunters can attest, hunting for boars is never boring. Pig hunting is a time-honored tradition in many cultures and although there are many different methods employed, there is still one golden rule: Never let a boar get close to your legs.

Hogs will make no hesitation to attack when injured or threatened and are equipped with sharp, scything tusks. This hunter experiences a close call when one boar charges out of the brush and nearly blindsides him.

According to the video’s uploader, this incident occurred in Sweden.

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11 thoughts on “Video: Boar Blindsides Hunter in Close Call

  1. Dumb shit! Why the hell is he wearing ear protection in a hunting situation? If he had not been wearing it, he most likely would not have been blindsided.

    1. I’ve been shooting for 60 years. I only wish that hearing protection was as common then as it is now. It’s been pretty-well established that it only takes ONE shot under the right conditions to start you down the road to hearing impairment…and it only continues to get worse. The newer “ear muffs” allow you to hear normal sounds, while instantly shutting out a gun shot in a nano-second. It isn’t “macho” to do damage to yourself when it can readily be avoided, at little inconvenience or cost.

      1. WTG, Lummi……I’m 81 and had been in the sptg. goods biz for 40plus years. When I was an up and commer in shooting……..pistol target, hunting, professional skeet and trap, it just wasn’t the macho thing to wear hear/guards protectors. I happened to have sold the first S&W Mod. 29
        44 magnum in the state of Louisiana. The doctor/buyer was happy to loan it to me to take to the range. I must admit…..without hear protectors, I not only lost a good bit of my hearing, but developed the worst recoil flinch ever…ever…ever.That goes for .22 handguns et al.
        Until I became interested in concealed/carry/permits, have I developed in my own mind the fact that it’s just a big boom. Cant’ get hurt!
        Kindest regards……..jim/o’b
        Baton rouge, La

  2. Maybe put the animal out its misery – Dumbass!! Hearing protection what a wimp!! F$%^ the law if there is one.. Tried by six or carried by twelve..

  3. Boar legend #23: The humans have been known to shoot lightning and thunder from iron sticks. . . Don’t get close to them, don’t even be seen by them. Their power reaches past the horizon

  4. Not Sweden more like the Victorian Highlands in Australia, I don’t know what the hell this bloke was thinking wearing hearing protection pigs are usually hard enough to hear at the best of times.

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