Speed shooter Jerry Miculek has started off his new gun myths series with one of the most-used tricks in Hollywood: the pillow suppressor. The use of the simple household item to soften the sound of a gunshot has been grossly misrepresented in film. In a deviation from his usual videos—which usually involve slinging lead downrange at superhuman speeds—Jerry responds to the myth with some scientific facts.

You can see his results below.

Image screenshot of video by Miculek.com- Your ULTIMATE firearms resource! on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Jerry Miculek Tests “Pillow Suppressor” Myth

  1. The pillow was never ever meant to be a suppressor. It’s meant to be a shield from the spray of blood and brains, and to mask the face of the victim.

  2. It sounded like the pillow muffled the shot a good deal. Sure would have been nice to have had a sound meter to put numbers to it. CSI always shows them blowing feathers all over, but the cheap polyester stayed put. A lot of advertising for Hornady.

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