A recent viral video of bison fleeing Yellowstone National Park have whipped up speculation that the volcano underneath the park could be on the verge of erupting. A 5.1-magnitude earthquake shook the park on Sunday, adding to the rumors. However, park public affairs chief Al Nash spoke in a video of his own to quell rumors. According to Nash, it is usual for animals to migrate out of the park around this time of year because food is scarce.

“They tend to migrate outside the park to lower elevations where they think there’s something to eat that’s easier to get at,” he said.

Watch Nash’s full statement below:

Jake Lowenstern, head researcher at the Yellowstone volcano observatory, added that there has been no change in volcanic activity.

“We don’t anticipate an eruption anytime soon,” he told CNN.

Yellowstone National Park is above what many scientists have coined a “supervolcano.” The last eruption of the volcano created the Yellowstone Caldera about 640,000 years ago. Researchers believe that eruption flung 240 cubic miles of volcanic rock and ash into the sky, drastically changing the landscape. If the super volcano blew today, it would measure 10 times greater in force than the last eruption at Mount St. Helens. The volcanic and tectonic nature of Yellowstone also means that the park sees over a thousand measurable earthquakes each year. KABC reported that Sunday’s quake was the strongest in over 30 years. No injuries were reported.

Bison, elk, and other animals regularly migrate in and out of Yellowstone. Although there have been numerous recorded incidents of animals fleeing an area prior to a natural disaster, scientists are still unsure if wildlife can “predict” or otherwise sense these events.

What was the video that caused all the fuss? You can see the bison “evacuation” below:

Image screenshot of video by NEW @ZICUTAKE on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Officials Dismiss Yellowstone Eruption Rumors

    1. Sometimes, yes. It’s not odd for them to be running along the road out in the open like that. Nature tells them they are in danger when in an open area. The antelope migrations often have animals running like mad across certain areas, especially if it’s a known predator hot spot.

      Animals aren’t stupid, and the road can be a dangerous place.

      1. the movement of if it is not do to natural migration patterns to feed, I mean really the black top is warmer then the ground which one would you take ?:) Some scientist speculate It is not unnatural for animal’s to move away from place’s for pending matters such a earth quake’s alone or those in places with links to pre factors to volcanic prone areas. From some of the research I have read the reaction is as like the studies done with hammer head sharks following Geo magnetic flows from north to south, As for this matter are they reacting to pending factors what are the pending factors , was it the change in the magma under the park as like say Iron oar etc to change the geo magnetic properties there is alot of factors like what is the Sun cycle and the place of the moon and time of year as to weed out the type of quake it is as like the ones that are related merely to the change in ground temp, as to help answer if the movement is related to the point . To define would that be what they feel.

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