Every week since October 12, 1931, The New York Times has been publishing a list of the best-selling books in the United States. The list is widely considered by authors and publishers as a finger on the pulse of the nation’s literary trends, and for the first time, a non-fiction hunting book has made the list. Just two weeks after its release, David Farbman’s The Hunt: Target, Track, and Attain Your Goals captured the eighth spot on the list’s Advice section.

“It’s a very rare thing and it feels great to hit this target,” David told me, adding that he was both gratified and honored by the achievement.

David mused that it is perhaps another sign of hunting culture’s progressive steps into the mainstream, as evidenced by popular television and online programs. As a public speaker, David began writing his book to bring the message behind The Hunt to a wider audience. At its core The Hunt is about utilizing the skills all hunters already have within themselves to find greater success.

“The skills you have spent years honing in the fields are now the key to taking the targets you want most in life: a bigger home, better car, happy marriage, successful business—these are all in your grasp when you leverage your hunter’s instinct,” David said. “No target is too big, no goal is out of reach when The Hunt is your guide.”

It is little exaggeration to say that David’s book is flying off the bookshelves. Making the Times’ best seller list requires selling a large number of books, but more importantly, a relatable message.

The Hunt nails the bull’s-eye with its comparisons between hunting and business,” said Bill Jordan, founder of Realtree. “There is little doubt this book can help you hit more of your targets in life.”

The Hunt is a system that helps you hit your targets,” endorsed Jeff Johnston, former editor of American Hunter magazine and current president of Windswept Creative. “I use it and it works, so I would be shocked if The Hunt wasn’t a best seller.”

David said that a key goal behind writing The Hunt was to show readers that the same clarity they have when in a tree stand, blind, or duck boat could be applied elsewhere in life. With a combination of what he calls “predatory consciousness,” authenticity, and a goal-focused life, David says that hunters already have everything they need for success.

You can find copies of The Hunt on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and nearly everywhere books are sold. Read it and find out why David thinks no hunter should ever feel guilty.

Image courtesy David Farbman/Jossey-Bass

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