There have been many apocryphal stories of lighters stopping bullets dead in their tracks. Few, if any, of these stories have been properly confirmed, yet reports of a lighter’s miraculous bullet-stopping abilities can be found as early as the Vietnam War, and perhaps beyond. In 2010, a local Seattle news station reported that a Zippo lighter saved the life of a man who was shot during a burglary.

While wearing a lighter for this kind of protection is hardly ideal, can a common lighter stop a bullet cold?

YouTube’s Taofledermaus decided to put the urban legend to the test with a .22 rifle.

Image screenshot of video by TAOFLEDERMAUS on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Can a Zippo Lighter Stop a .22?

  1. I would have liked to have seen a good solid contact with the main body. First shot was high, second shot was right in the groove of the lid (which is a week spot by any reckoning) . A third shot needed to have been taken contacting the bottom half of the lighter in my mind.

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