Spokespeople from Remington Outdoor Company (ROC), formerly Freedom Group, announced this week that the company will be closing facilities around the country and moving operations to Huntsville, Alabama. The announcement comes several months after ROC CEO George Kollitides said in February that the company will setting down roots in the Cotton State with an investment of $110 million.

“Earlier today we announced the consolidation of multiple company plants into our Huntsville, AL facility,” ROC director of public affairs Teddy Novin wrote in a statement to the Flathead Beacon. “This was a strategic business decision to concentrate our resources into fewer locations and improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. We are working hard to retain as many people from the affected facilities as possible.”

According to Guns and Ammo, the affected facilities include:

  • TAPCO of Kennesaw, Georgia
  • LAR Manufacturing of West Jordan, Utah
  • PARA US of Pineville, North Carolina
  • DPMS of St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • AAC of Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • Bushmaster production from Illion, New York
  • Remington R1 production from Illion, New York
  • Montana Rifleman in Kalispell, Montana

ROC currently operates out of 19 locations in the United States with its largest plant in Ilion, New York. The Ilion plant provides the bulk of Remington’s manufacturing power and holds a certain historic significance for the company. The town of Illion sits close to the forge where Eliphalet Remington II made his first firearm, and Remington Arms, ROC’s namesake, has been making guns there for over 200 years. After Remington announced plans for expansion outside of New York last year, 24 states courted the firearms maker. Alabama was chosen due to its business climate and strong support for the Second Amendment.

“I am honored to welcome Remington to Alabama,” Governor Robert Bentley said earlier this year. “The Alabama workforce, our business climate and our quality of life continue to make Alabama extremely attractive to companies. Remington will soon experience the same type of success that other companies in Alabama have already experienced.”

Novin did not detail when the plant closings will began or what will happen to the hundreds of affected employees. Montana Rifleman and DPMS Panther Arms hold a workforce of about 270 people alone. According to the St. Cloud Times, DPMS Panther Arms also makes the claim of being the second-largest manufacturer of AR-15 rifles in the country and contributes more than $100 million a year to Minnesota’s gross state product. The largest manufacturer of AR-15 rifles is Bushmaster, which is also affected by the consolidation.

ROC did estimate that it will be creating more than 2,000 jobs in Huntsville—Alabama’s second largest city by population—over the next 10 years. Local economists said that the real number of jobs brought to the area through sectors such as construction and home building could be as high as 6,000.

Image from Tparlin on the Wikimedia Commons

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34 thoughts on “Remington Announces Consolidation, Will Move Plants to Huntsville

  1. There goes what I would assume, a large amount of taxes generated in NY. Good for them. Feel bad for the other states though.

  2. I do have sympathy for the hard workers at Remington that will lose their jobs. The fact remains that as long as companies are over taxed and over regulated, they will continue to move to states or countries that are less of a hindrance to their bottom line. We as voters have the responsibility to put the kind of people in office that recognize this. Until we remove the massive amounts of power that ELECTED officials wield, Some states and their populations will continue to suffer. Wake up America – VOTE.

    1. Reality check, the 1-2% money has the power and owns the elected, that is why distribution of wealth is purchased by legislation while workers real wealth, wages declined over past 20 years plus.

    2. I believe you have said it all pretty well. If the NE Ovomitt loving states continue to pressure manufacturing others states like Alabama will reap the rewards! NY and those other liberal, progressive states can kiss my arse as they see those jobs head elsewhere!!!

  3. Here in California they are driving out business also. Toyota HQ will relocate taking 5,000+ jobs with them. When will these ultra-liberal states realize that businesses are not an ATM to overtax? Sorry for all the workers but Remington is a business that must answer to investors.

    1. I hope those 5,000 people know why they are losing their jobs and hold elected official accountable but I wont hold my breathe.

  4. Before folks get all gushy about how great the states are that do not tax, no unions, “not anti gun” and various other myths and rumors, check out what AL, GA, TN and others rank on HC, education, wages-benefits and a never discussed, distribution of real wealth. Comes down to what standard of living and what “benefits from state” are your priority. Sorry but reality is you pay for what you get, and this move sort of ends the myth of “We are moving out of anti guns states. Like other propaganda about guns, it is all about profits, the new reality of guns issues most chose to ignore. Oddly NONE mention how much tax money goes into these moves, but many cry about “welfare”, but do not know it when they see it.

    1. fw, say what you want about Alabama but the fact remains that many businesses are relocating here not just Remington!
      We have Honda, Mercedes, Hyundai, and many second tier companies that support them, Kia is just across the river in West point Ga!
      You keep putting us down and we will continue to welcome industry from all over the world, see who has the last laugh!

      1. Please post AL ranking on HC, education, wages, taxes and standard of living, if you know them can see why you have last laugh, about all that is left.

      2. I don’t have to get that technical, what matters is that we are gaining new industry and our state is becoming better for it! You will someday notice that we are not on the bottom any more.
        It’s no secret that the south has been punished for 150 years because we lost the war, but you might just need to keep an eye on us because we are not finished yet, like I said we will have the last laugh!
        When your Detroit’s are competing with our Birmingham’s and Atlanta’s you haven’t got a chance!

      3. Way past time you folks get over the Insurrections ( no war was ever declared) . You have rode that horse into the ground, but the pols love to use for election fodder. Time to concentrate on bring SE up in education, HC, wages (huge welfare states in SE) and world class competitive. That is the future, but “punished for 150 years” makes my point on education

      4. What good is education ranking if that “education” is propaganda, lies, socialization and homosexual initiation? That is what the liberal (communist) agenda is teaching your young. In the south, children will at least be taught morals.

    2. Your straw-men arguments are tenuous and your reasoning is a house of cards built on a platform of BS. There is no point in addressing the points you make in your nonsensical post. BTW, you lost 95% of this message board when you brought up the standard “distribution of real wealth” chestnut. Just continue with your head in the sand.

      1. Noted that NONE so far have responded to the HC, education etc, as these companies just moving there for cheap workers. Care to post what are wages and benefits in this wonderful place, along with other meaningful rankings for HC, et.c/ note all you folks seem to run from such

      2. Well your post is one way to dodge the reality, amusing how you got stuck on distribution of real wealth, as is big indicator of economic reality, which is based in real education. Seems all of you dodge the real facts.

      3. Based on the fact none of your comments have been upped by readers means you’re alone on an insulated island of ignorance. Please rot there. No one bothers addressing your weak arguments because it’s like arguing with a petulant child certain the moon’s made of cheese. Go away troll.

      4. It would seem a reality check scares a lot of you. Not one responded to the reality, other then blame “N picked on uis’n fur 150 years” etc. Amusing responses and easy to see why companies get huge tax breaks for moving to land of min wage plus 10%. The less educated the easier to control and keep.

    3. I would love to give you a down vote, but the system wouldn’t allow it. Congratulations to Alabama and to Remington on a job well done.

    4. And we all pay for a lot we don’t get. You liberals like to gush on about free health care, benefits, vacations etc. With higher net income I can decide what benefits I want to spend my money on. Also I don’t have to pay for a horde or union mgmt, stewarts and other patsies who decide what benefits I get and whose political candidates I contribute to.

      1. Yep and hourly wages so of worse in nation, same for benefits, HC, and more. Yep that evil HC for all, as in Canada where none want it changed, Just who do you think pays for uninsured when they get ill, injured etc? Might you explain why even China has union auto workers, and unions in WM, Well who does decide on what benefits you get, and what are they? Amusing post and reason companies move to auto-Plantations in south, cheap labor, Who is paying the millions for “incentives to move to AL, GA etc, Higher net income is story of wages in AL, GA, TN, etc, Then how come they are at nearly bottom of HC, eduction etc., noted you dodged that, FYI am not a “:liberal”: but a real Independent voter and look at facts, unlike way to many who are not only misinformed, but uniformed. uro plants in AL pay as low as $9/hour, and most jobs there are highly unskilled lower level hourly workers. So who is paying the millions companies get to move there? What is cost of you purported HC, eduction ranking of AL, et al. Seems most take cheap shots but avoid questions on reality.

      2. You mean the Canadians that flock across the border because they can’t wait 12 months for a hip replacement or to use one of the two MRI machines they have in country? They may have a few more now, but as of 5 years ago, those numbers are accurate. At the same time, every 50 bed hospital in the US has an MRI machine. Our cost has to do with access and liability insurance..and the availability of treatments in the United States is second to none, hence the high costs. Try reading a little and not just regurgitating the backwash from the media and democratic party.

      3. You might note the “Flock across border” was simply right wing spin, there are no facts to prove this lies. The only time Canadians “cross border for care” is when they are sent there as hat is closest facility. Paid for by Canadian HC systems. NOTE USA 1 million medical bankruptcy ever years, zero in Canada. NEVER met on Canadian that wanted either USA HC “plans” nor USA “Gun laws”. Your source for your spin is what, Rush? This spin of yours was disproved years ago, but was primary lie when Clinton went after USA HC. Please advise what a USA HC policy costs/month, deductable and for how many in family. Note I often travel to Canada and never yet any that would want USA HC Plan, none. They cannot understand why USA is so stupid about such stuff.

    5. There is no regular income tax in TN on wages so that means your dollar goes a bit further in that state – plus they do not have such high property tax as in NY. So before you start downing a state, check out all the taxes and the real cost of living – then make accurate remarks – I do not live in TN but will probably retire there. Have friends in NY that are actually leaving because of the high costs – I told them how much it cost me to live in MI with a nice two story house and over an acre of land in a very nice little city with low crime, high percentage of population with college degrees, etc – what the property taxes are, etc – they could live here on 30% less than it costs them in NY and it would even be cheaper for them in some Southern states. They have literally been taxed out of NY. Also my friends in TN have great insurance, good medical care, etc for a whole lot less than what you would pay in NY. Of course you would make more per hr in NY but it also cost a whole lot more to survive. I belonged to a union in MI that didn’t do squat for us except take our money and run. Unions are very corrupt – clean up the unions and then make them work for their money.

      1. TN has worse HC and worse education of most states, Like AL they say “Thank goodness for MS or we’d be at bottom” Sorry but you pay for what you get, and Crime and drugs run wild in TN and state is about as corrupted a legal systems as you can find. Have three buds that moved there and left as ‘Very dangerous place” one was retired cop who “never saw such corruption and dangerous areas. There is a site that provides data on numbers of folks moving in and then out of states, cannot remember name, but provides great data. Note here this :”Corrupted unions” a lot, but never saw one union guy turn down benefits, great pay and retirements, but later complain about how crooked, etc, seems hypocrisy runs deep. One question, why has middle class real wages, even retirements gone down at same rate as unions since 1980’s. Would you trust management to take care of workers needs more then unions?

      2. Here is the bottom line, the ones none, not only in AL, but entire SE region will not discuss, comment or ask how come we are at the bottom of list in all things meaningful, Eduction, HC, standard of living, and the huge real wealth and wealth gaps that exist in region.

        All of you dodged the fact of ranking for AL, and rest of region in measurements that count, for you and future generations, and in fact future of USA. Business is not attracted to SE/AL for the highly educated workforce, nor the many benefits that go with the region (Which ONLY favor the companies, WS, and well off). They are given millions in tax breaks, not only immediately but some run for 7-10 ears. This is not unique to SE/AL, but for now SE outbids rest of nation, Not one of you, nor pols will discuss what this does to taxes for everyone else, or pol’s spin 101, “balanced budget” of corp welfare, usually ends up with people programs, HC, education, food, etc  cut. The fact remains the jobs moving to SE are very low wage, not very skilled and no worker protections of any kind.  The wages are not much above min wages, $9-11/hour. A family cannot live on them, as proven by WM,  burger flippers, etc who must go on some sort of welfare, often via employee supplied directions. You do know that Koch Bro alone, has directed over $22Mil just to take out unions,  as well as other upper end folks, more concerned with profits then workers. You might note that VW has 61 plants across the world, only one, in TN is not union and when union vote came up, Koch, etc was so afraid of unions, that even Sen Corker jumped in with scare tactics. VW seems to do well with 99^% unions as do Asian and EU, Germany, most powerful nation in EU is very unionized.
        I am not slamming gun mfgs for moving to cheaper areas with lots of corp welfare, that is their core, maximize profit in any way possible. I have worked with toughest unions going, Long Shore and Metal workers, I never had any issues, if I asked for Journey level workers that is what I got, a Union Machinist is at world class levels, as were the others. They are worth every dollar they get, for other jobs such as auto line mfgs, work on one for a month, the disciple and skills needed to do it right  every time are very demanding.You do not just “go get a coffee or go to bathroom” etc, the line (worked on one in MI as summer student) demand someone there to do the work. Just like garbage pickup, a must do job for the benefit of all, as is most union jobs, to protect the worker.
        All the posts of “liberal, socialists, more government, welfare” etc  are simply the parroting of lots of money spent by upper income propaganda directives to assure workers pay stays down, while WS/Banks/Upper 2-3% hit record levels, for 3-4 decades real wages/wealth has gone down.  I am concerned that a USA I knew, a world power with growing and prosperous educated-informed middle class is disappearing  due to it’s own uninformed ignorance, all to often questioning/attacking opposition and facts at a hyped rate, but not 20% rate of  those they support, and supposedly are representative  of them,  a increasing under current of fear, and it’s sister, hate, now pervades what was once a nation of, for and by all. The items you dodged, never discussed, are critical to your and next  generation lives, Wages that do not support a family, who’s reality, cannot afford HC-deduttable, savings, higher education funds, retirement funding,  one or two paychecks away from homelessness, that as facts prove is the reality of the SE and increasingly so for nation. I might suggest you ask, evaluate where are the millions in tax breaks coming from, “create jobs” well how many/length “jobs-taxes from same” will be needed to pay off millions in Corp Welfare, what is real costs, what is real ROI on this welfare? Who really benefits from AL Corp welfare,what do the jobs pay, what is the upward mobility of jobs (historical career path to middle class). Who will protect the workers jobs, pay, advances, cost to worker for benefits, what is process/procedures for worker issues? And, all you “anti Ocare, socialists blah blah, all dodged, family HC with around $2500 deductible per at $1200-2000 or m,more/month, what wage do you need to support such, what is alternate to Ocare or simply a matter of welfare as I have no insurance etc”. Most of attacks were simply parrot of right wing spin, with no solutions, no facts, no basis other then some think it is cool to appear to be macho self supporting manly man etc. Be careful for what you ask for, nod head like some mindless Mr. Potato head,  The upper end have the best real welfare program going, nearly unlimited tax breaks and elected who follow their instructions via lobby money. Time to clean up nation, note, interest on Credit Cards is most 20% to as high as 30%, Banks get/got via corrupted elected, less then zero, to 4%, now corps move and get millions in breaks.

        Want to get ahead, instead of attacking those you were told via spin/propaganda, instead turn to those you support, ask tough questions well, and then listen and evaluate even better. Upper end/ WS/Banks doing worse then ever, min wage plus 10% and huge corp welfare tax breaks are not the solution.  Just get/evaluate the real facts, then decide and do something other then parrot latest spin.

  5. If this does to Remington what S&W did to TC ,Rem is going to lose a lot of brand loyalty. These consolidations never improve customer service or quality. They should just admit they don’t want skilled union craftsmen. Winchester Western relocated from Alton,IL to that area and it is not working out very well. Hate to see another icon fall. I’ll pay very close attention to where a weapon was made and avoid any of the Alabama made stuff until I am convinced it is up to par with the Ilion made products. These bean counters just don’t realize we want quality at a fair price. Their only lnterest is the bottom line. Sad day.


    1. How true, if anyone doubts it let them price a pre64Win vse new ones. The quality is slipping but most buy for costs, not quality, since most never really saw or understood a high quality items. Kind of like WM products, look good but no quality, same going for guns now, lots of plastic, no blueing and how big the mag is rather then how good the gun is, and more guns sold for purported “self defense” then sport’/target use. Noted sales of such went up when draft ended, now they can play soldier rather then risk being one.. I have a pre64 wind and 1952 MS full stock carbine, (30-06’s) that would never sell.

  6. I’m sure NY politicians will feel much safer now that the vile gunmaker is leaving their state. And it only cost jobs, and part of their tax base….what a deal! They will probably expect some kind of award or parade thrown for them. Maybe they will get some kind of reward from O-lame-ah. The public should have a mass replacement of all of those anti-gun politicians for not listening to the people who put them in office. Hopefully, some of the employees of Remington will decide to move with the company to a better more friendly state.

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