Stephan Michel Desgroseillers was riding on his ATV with friends near Dowlin, Ontario over the weekend when they found a newborn moose calf wandering on the highway. According to QMI Agency, Desgroseillers said the calf was obviously a newborn and still had its umbilical cord attached when they found the animal. Believing that its mother was unable to reach it through traffic, the friends attempted to herd the animal back into the forest. After every attempt the calf would walk back onto the highway.

Desgroseillers said that they decided to take the calf home after several tries.

“The wolves would have got to her,” he said, if the cars didn’t first.

He kept the young moose overnight and drove it to a wildlife rehabilitation center the next day. Desgroseillers also stopped by a Tim Hortons for some coffee and quickly drew a crowd.

“What more Canadian experience can you have?” said a bystander.

Wildlife shelter workers said the animal should do just fine.

Thumbnail image from Michael Gäbler on the Wikimedia Commons

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