Kendall Jones, 19, ignited a firestorm of debate when she posted pictures from her African hunting safari on Facebook, prompting criticism and even death threats. The photographs show Jones, a Texas Tech cheerleader, with various animals, including Africa’s “Big Five” species: elephant, lion, white rhino, water buffalo, and leopard. According to Reuters, Facebook removed the pictures from the site last week due to what the company regarded as policy violations.

“We remove reported content that promotes poaching of endangered species, the sale of animals for organized fight or content that includes extreme acts of animal abuse,” Facebook stated, although it did not comment further.

Jones legally harvested many of the animals over a span of several weeks in Zimbabwe and South Africa under the guidance of Comre Safaris, a South African safari service. Jones told The Cleburne Times-Review that several of the animals killed during the hunt were nuisance animals that were a danger to local residents and livestock.

“There are many parts of Zimbabwe where there in an abundant population of leopard that wreak havoc on the livestock of the farmers in the village,” Jones said. “Instead of the villagers killing the leopards to prevent livestock damage, permits are sold to hunters to do this for them.”

You can see some of the images in the video below:

Sportsmen’s organizations such as Safari Club International (SCI) assert that hunters contribute millions of dollars to the conservation of game species and the preservation of their habitats. In this way, hunters provide the resources that local authorities can use to fight against poachers, as well as more effectively manage wildlife.

“First and foremost, it’s imperative to make mention that all of Kendall’s hunts in Zimbabwe and South Africa were 100% legal with proper tags and licenses awarded on a pre-approved quota by the countries [sic] officials and wildlife department,” stated Jones’ supporters in a press release last week. “Secondly, the tags, licenses, and fees purchased in addition to the services provided by local trackers, skinners, and assistants totaled over $160,000 USD, not including travel and/or production costs. In Zimbabwe, 70% of the country’s population is classified as poor or extremely poor. This money can provide a great deal of stimulus for the local economies in addition to the estimated $200 million annually of which hunters contribute to the overall African economy. In the most rural areas, where many of these hunts take place, a majority of the people are unemployed and depend on bartering as a way of living. We’re very proud of Kendall and Cody [Jones] in not only helping to conserve these species for future generations, but also for helping contribute both money and jobs to an extremely poor area of Africa.”

In addition, the photo at the center of the controversy—Jones standing behind an endangered white rhinoceros—was not a hunt in the traditional sense. Jones said she was helping a team of veterinarians tranquilize the animal to treat it for a leg injury. Such non-fatal “harvests” are commonly referred to as “green hunts.”

Yet that did not stop the flood of negative comments from hitting Jones’ Facebook page.

“She slaughters magnificent creatures for fun—she’s a horrible person,” wrote one commentor.

“You somehow combine everything what the world hates about the USA in one person,” replied another.

A petition has garnered 130,000 signatures to remove Jones from Facebook. But the 19-year-old does have a large number of supporters, who say that images taken from a legal hunt are no excuse for cyber-bullying or death threats.

“During these last 72 hours, I have been overwhelmed by the immense amount of support from the groups and individuals within our hunting community and abroad. I’m humbled by the words of encouragement from men and women within the hunting community who have worked tirelessly to protect and promote hunting through conservation in Africa and all over the world,” Jones wrote on Facebook.

Image screenshot of video by ABC News on YouTube.

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41 thoughts on “Facebook Removes Texas Cheerleader’s Hunting Pictures

  1. By legally harvesting animals for sport in Africa is the best way to manage the herds and pump money into the economy at the same time. A huge chunk of the money goes into protecting the herds and funding the war on poaching. Those who oppose hunting should think about the “what if’s”, were there no law enforcement to manage the bountiful amount of game all over the world. The money from licenses and ammo from hunters remains the leading source of support to protect and manage all game animals.

    1. This same money protects non game animals also! Those 67000 people who signed that petition to have her removed from face book should get off their pocket and put their money where their mouth is, donate to help the animals not just criticize those who do!

    2. There’s trouble enough without encouraging this amateur sharpshooter who apparently would rather bag an animal that’s not far from being on the endangered species list than be a responsible young adult with a mind to conservation…..Rhino’s are in trouble, elephants are in trouble thus far….and no doubt additional species will soon hit the list. I come from a family of big game hunters…am I opposed to hunting, not at all……however, with it comes a degree of responsibility with thought to the future of these animals….not to do that reveals a particular brand of ignorant bravado. Those hunters in my immediate family did give thought to the futures of different species and contributed both time an money to their respective causes….that is being responsible, period. “The best way to manage the herds”…by harvesting them as tho you would some sort of crop? Draught and natural predatory natures take care of a good deal of these animals… say nothing of the poachers taking a good number of animals illegally……….that of itself, poaching, has done huge damage to the rhino and elephant herds….”pump money into the economy”…really? How much money do you suppose is “pumped into the local economies” by the illegal taking of elephant tusk and rhino horn?

  2. What a super young Lady! Smart, athletic, attractive and obviously a skilled huntress. My hat is off to this young woman who is still living within the Circle of Life.
    Facebook has shown it’s True face that of a coward. Jack

  3. I’m sick of ignorant will eyed emotional people who get their panties in a was with absolutely no solid fact based knowlege of the subject. The truth is that this young lady and other legal hunters do in Africa to, not only provide funds for the protection of the various species of animals, but they also provide much needed funds into the countries economy. How much have the whining weenies done for either the economy or the animals in Africa?

  4. No doubt a large number of these detractors eat meat. Who does your killing for you? Congratulations young lady! Thank you for your stewardship. It must’ve been a thrill beyond belief! Especially the rhino-to me it would be very rewarding to assist in the administering of care for that animal. I’m sure that the village you assisted also thanks you for removing a few animals that posed a threat to them.

  5. You go girl!!!! Unfortunately this world is gaining a too large of a population of these naturally deprived city smog sniffers. That’s a trip of a lifetime. Cherish the awesome memories!! Roll Tide

  6. Hey…if you spent your time writing Face Book in support of Kendall and not here whinning her page may still be there….

      1. Right…FB is a business they will listen to the majority…so your saying the majority is Liberal…ok I believe that is true…but Conservatives a generally lazy….what sight exactly did you register your protest with FB?

      2. oh and by the way why are you afraid to use your name here… if your so forthright?

      3. to handle someone who disagrees with you isn’t it Bob…I bet I have been to Africa more times and hunted more species than you ever will…but I still don’t close my mind to possibilities beyond a narrow band of thinking. I support Kendall 100% and did something about it…what exactly have you done??

      4. Your grammar, syntax, understanding of written words and thought process all tells me you are barely literate and have never been to Africa. Put the bottle down, join AA, and get a life. I reiterate, go away troll.

      5. Get out the Trophy Record books for SCI pal….look for my name….OH and meanwhile I’ll look for yours…lol…lol…

  7. Goes to show that most, not all billionaires, are the most ignorant ignoramouses that roam the earth..but now you see the true colors of one Mark Zuckerberg . Facebook does not operate under the citizenry rights of the 1st Amendment guaranteed us via the Constitution. When the gun issue concerning the 2nd Amendment was upheld by Zuckerberg all thought him to honor the Constitution of the USA….but with this action proves that he is NOT an American, but rather a traitor to America, the world, an most to his own Frankenstein monster called FACEBOOK.

      1. With all due respect If that’s the best you got Ran’al in Zbergs defense of this gutless anti American action you’d better give up ur law practice sir. may this hillbilly suggest pointless comments on Internet blogs as a career venue for ya. Go ahead give it another “pointless” shot…here see my chin now?

  8. Actually the whole thing seems to be “poor little rich girl” stunt via dad’s money to get a tv show, she is a “Com Major” in TX, so a lot of free PR in this thing. But seems two stories here on the Rhino. For myself, would not “Hunt” these beautiful animals, unless it was “Green Hunt’. Somehow killing for sport, is not hunting, despite the spin by those making big dollars from the “hunt”. You can get same “hunt” thrills, plus more, using a camera. Worse yet when I see folks shot Zebra or even Giraffes and such.See bit of same in USA, killing not for food, but “trophy”, not to sporting. No wonder nr of hunting lisences going down. With hardware and support stuff, big scopes etc, the “Sporting” is leaving hunting, and seems “harvesting” does seem more then PC term to use. Note am very familiar with big game “hunting”, donated my dads H&H 577 to a Museum. Grew up in family of hunters, gun smiths and real sportsmen,, who rule 1, if you cannot take it with one shot, do not hunt.

    1. So, who cares? She is most likely a much better role model than the Kardashians, honey boo boo, and all the other assorted trash on tv today. Hope she makes it big.

      1. appears you watched the others you mention, so will have to take your word on it. But majority of public no longer thinks “harvesting” of endangered animals, not acceptable, even if you do have the riches to do so. So guess we mark you and others as ‘harvesters” not sportsmen whom hunt. Kind of new “PC”. like calling silencers, suppressors..

      2. No, have never watched those shows, just painfully aware of them. Have not been able to hunt for quite some time, wish I could. Im pretty sure she was properly licensed for all the game she took. Not sure any of the game she took were endangered species. The rhino was not killed.

  9. they even called the leopard a cheetah that is how much they know about the animals that they never spend a dime to help save

  10. what makes me the most sick here is facebooks reaction. what should have happened is those who made threats get reported to law enforcement and get banned from facebook. this poor girl has done nothing that many many others have done and many have shared on facebook.

  11. Somebody posted elsewhere that if she were sitting on dead babies, courtesy of Planned Parenthood, not a word would have been said.

    1. “harvest” is new PC term by nra etc for kill to hang on wall, as real hunting in responsible manner, is called hunting, a nearly lost art now days with today’s “harvester” and 15X scopes, 30 rd mags, feeding plots and trail cameras’ etc. .

  12. My only problem is with the rhino. They are endangered, after all. I’m not a big fan of trophy hunting in any case, but to go after an animal that has been pushed to the brink of extinction by poachers is just wrong.


  14. I agree with George, Ive been to Africa for years when many are starving these tribes are thriving, and the animal population is at its highest numbers. Now we got to live by everybody else’ rules, whatever happened to a fee society…..Who are these people that constantly judge everyone else….You go girl nice shot…

  15. I would like one shred of evidence that any of this $100 million dollars or $200 million dollars that is pumped into these poor economies ACTUALLY touches one of the poor villagers. Who is getting that money? Do you think the poor people are? hahahaha. I have no doubt that the rich people are taking good care of that….I am sure they are trickling it down the ranks just like they do here in the US.

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