The picture of a giant earthworm supposedly found in Provincia de Napo, Ecuador is causing a stir online as experts debate whether the photograph is real, and if so, what species this mammoth worm belongs to. The photograph was uploaded to Project Noah by user hoppy4840, who said he found the worm in 2009 while hiking through the foothills of the Sumaco Volcano.

The image has since been posted to Facebook, reddit, and other social media websites. Some online commentators express skepticism over whether the photograph is real, but many say that if the image is a forgery, it is very well done. Project Noah opined on its Facebook page that the worm may be a member of Martiodrilus crassus, while others said that the creature might be a giant gippsland earthworm or even an as-of-yet unnamed species. The internet being what it is, many claims have come forth that the worm is in fact a mutant or an alien from outer space.

The description on Project Noah places the worm at 1.5 meters in length (just under five feet). What kind of fish would you catch with that?

Image screenshot of post by Project Noah on Facebook.

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5 thoughts on “Photo Purports to Show Giant Worm-like Creature

  1. I still have a handful of old Guinness world record handbooks sitting around from my youth and if I remember correctly that they have photos and listings of 5+ ft long earthworms, so even if it is real, what’s the big deal?

    1. Only “big deal” I could think of is that this might be an unknown species or range for this species of large earthworms since I thought the ones that got this big were very limited in range and were only from a few places. Otherwise I’m with you neat, but what’s the big deal?

  2. The 5-foot worms from Australia are only 1 inch around. It’s the girth that makes this thing amazing. The question is, how does this thing navigate underground? It has to displace too much volume. It’s what makes me suspect it’s a fake.

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