Axelle Despiegelaere, 17, got a taste of international fame after photographs of her at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil went viral. Cheering on the Belgian national team in her native country’s colors and a horned hat during a soccer match against Russia, Despiegelaere quickly became an icon of the World Cup. According to The Independent, cosmetics and beauty giant L’Oreal took notice of the young aspiring model and offered her a contract, even producing a video in which the teen receives a professional makeup session with L’Oreal products. The contract was soon withdrawn, however, when Despiegelaere released a picture of herself taken during a gemsbok antelope hunt last year.

A company spokesperson told The Independent that Despiegelaere’s contract had ended, but did not comment on whether the decision was brought about by the photo itself.

“L’Oréal Professionnel Belgium collaborated with her on an ad hoc basis to produce a video for social media use in Belgium,” the spokesperson said simply. “The contract has now been completed.”

You can see the promotional video below:

L’Oreal and other makeup companies have been criticized in the past for testing on animals, which the company states it no longer does. According to the Daily Mail, the cosmetics company has been making great strides to promote itself as being supportive of “animal welfare.”

Many have drawn connections between Despiegelaere’s dismissal with 19-year-old Kendall Jones, a Texas Tech cheerleader who also received criticism for uploading hunting images to Facebook. Jones reported even recieving death threats over the photos, which displayed legally harvested game and one tranquilized white rhino, which was captured for treatment. Likewise, Despiegelaere is also receiving a fair amount of negative comments on Twitter, where the teen posted the photo of herself beside a gemsbok with rifle in hand.

Despiegelaere has since set her Twitter account to private.

Image screenshot of video by L'Oréal Professionnel BELGILUX on YouTube.

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15 thoughts on “L’Oréal Parts with Aspiring Model after Hunting Photo Emerges

  1. So a company that used to always test on animals which is far worse than harvesting one for meat doesn’t like that a strong and positive role model young woman hunts for her food? Pathetic! I suppose that no one at L’oreal eats meat or wears leather either, right? Grow a pair.

  2. Society is becoming more separated rather than United, there is less understanding amongst people of the world and modern technology spreads the disease faster and with many half truths and worse.

  3. im with Tony, L’oreal are a bunch of hypocritical asshats! what does it matter if she hunts? they used to experiment on animals!
    what these animal rights activists have no clue about is if they did make everyone stop hunting, can you imagine the overpopulation and disease this world would see?? i say good for her, hunt all you want!!

  4. I wonder if the controversy is over the photo or the caption that went with it. I think the photo is great but what she wrote is: “Hunting is not just a matter of life or death. It is much more important than that..this was about 1 year ago…ready to hunt americans today haha” I know it’s taken out of context, so maybe it is something funny, but to use the phrase “hunting americans” doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy towards this girl.

    1. You know what she meant, but you’re right. I, too, had to reread the caption to make sure that was all of it. Don’t think that has anything to do with L’Oreal’s decision, though. As others have stated, they’re just a bunch of hypocrite’s!

  5. I think it’s fair to say that all of us who have commented stand in solidarity in a L’Oreal boycott. It also turns out that I’ve been inadvertently boycotting them all my life.

  6. click on Aly Weisman ,and tell her what you really feel about .Shame on this lady for judging people that hunt.
    I think she is going to get the picture when we load up her tweets!!!

  7. Shes right about hunting humans. The world has turned to cowards and sheep. This girl has done nothing wrong im no hunter but an avid animal lover, in fact humans seem the worst of all the animals they coexist with the planet while most humans simply take and destroy. Americans just seem to be the worst about it. And yes im a new yorker so I am around all types of people. I hope she continues to be true to herself. And for those who were actually offended by her joking comment about killing americans…well… you guys are probably the ones that need to go. Hahaha

    1. She’s talking about American animals, you pinhead. The picture is from an African hunt. Do you really believe she’d joke about killing people in this day of over-reacting extremists. I’m a Texan, and as much as I’d like to make a comment here, even I find you’re boasting to be insulting to other New Yorkers!

      1. To clarify, the Twitter post was made shortly before the Belgium vs US soccer game. She was not likely thinking of bagging some Americans on her next hunting trip, but rather cheering on her national team.

      2. Like I previously mentioned if you were one of the people offended then clearly you gotta go…. I wasnt boasting at all I was being honest. I would think as a Texan , a state that fights against most unlawful laws because of their dismissing of rights you would be along the same thoughts as myself.

  8. Do you think L’Oreal actually may have been more concerned that she said she was “ready to hunt Anericans” rather than the gemsbok photo? Yeah that comment would cause me concern if I were a public company. It should cause lots of people concern.

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