Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced on Sunday that he will be supporting the Illinois Public Safety Act, a bill that calls for stronger gun control laws in a state already known for being tough on firearms. If passed into law, the Illinois Public Safety Act—Senate Bill 3659—will ban the possession, sale, purchase, and transport of firearms the state considers to be “assault weapons.” The bill will also outlaw any magazine capable of holding more than 15 rounds and all .50-caliber rifles and cartridges in the state. Those who currently possess these items could keep them, but would not be able to transfer them to anyone other than a family member.

Governor Quinn’s vocal show of support came after a spree of shootings in Chicago over the July 4 weekend. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, 13 people were killed and at least 58 wounded in a surge of violence after the national holiday. Quinn himself visited the site of a shooting where a 44-year-old mother was killed and stood alongside surviving family members during the press conference on Sunday.

“The recent epidemic of violence in Chicago is unacceptable and we must join together to fight back,” Quinn said. “Public safety is government’s foremost mission and Illinois should not wait any longer to act. There are too many victims of a war being waged on our streets, a war fueled in part by the availability of deadly, military-style assault weapons that have no purpose other than killing.

“We must work together to protect the lives of those we love and stop what’s happening in our communities. I urge the Illinois General Assembly to take a stand and pass this legislation that will save lives and protect communities.”

Firearm-ownership advocacy groups widely criticize the Illinois Public Safety Act. The NRA previously called the bill a unconstitutional “wish list” for gun control supporters in Illinois.

“This legislation is a comprehensive anti-gun package which echoes the unconstitutional legislation passed in New York and Connecticut last year,” reads a statement on the NRA Institute for Legislative Action’s website. “The laws passed in those states are currently subject to lawsuits due to their significant infringement on Second Amendment rights.”

You can watch a video of Quinn’s press conference below:

Image screenshot of video by Early & Often | Politics on YouTube.

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9 thoughts on “Illinois Governor Throws Support Behind New Gun Control Bill

  1. This akin to banning Lamborghini’s and Ferarri’s and limiting the size of fuel tanks to reduce drunk driving homicides. More people are killed by hammers and fists than by all rifles in this country. Pure politics aimed at doing nothing other than pacifying ignorant sheeple.

    1. As we all are painfully aware, such legislation is not about saving lives, but about controlling them. It is merely an incremental peeling away of our second-amendment right to bear arms. The idea is to keep grinding away, little by little, at our freedom to keep and bear arms until that right is permanently gone.

  2. Not one life will be saved by this idiotic bill. Law abiding citizens are the ones that he is punishing for the crimes of the inner city trash that has been spawned by the democrats.

  3. Why don.t you tell us how those laws are working out for you in,….. let’s say——Chicago, and by the way, when was the last .50 caliber drive by or corner shoot out you had there ?

  4. This bankrupt state just opened itself up for another beating in court by the NRA. Hey taxpayers, how’s that working for you?
    That .50 Barrett is a real favorite of the Dems in hood huh? $5000 rifle with ultra expensive ammo. Fools…..

  5. I think I grasp the psychology behind this new legislation. No politician, or, for that matter, social worker, school administrator or government welfare agency has the courage to address and try to change the pathological inner city culture of dependence, entitlement, anti education philosophy, and anti thinking narcissism. So, instead of going after all the sick cultures in Chicago, the politicians take the easy road, knowing full well the road goes to nowhere. They further control firearms. This legislation is not only worthless; it is cowardly, dishonest and hurtful to the community. It’s as if the government intended to reduce the number of children drowning in a swimming pool by changing the color of the pool.

  6. PLEASE….This law is based on emotions.
    1. How many people were shot with 50 caliber or larger weapons over the 4th of July weekend in Chi-town?
    2. How many were shot with weapons with more than 15 rounds?
    3. How many were shot with “assault weapons”?

    Actually all were shot with “assault weapons”. The weapons were used to assault them. Much like a hammer is used to drive nails or a bat is used to hit baseballs. But, when used to due harm to another, they all become weapons used in assaults or “assault weapons”
    Lets have an honest and open conversation about the shooters(Please note, I did not call them criminals, thugs, gangsta, etc). 1. How many of these shooters legally purchased the firearm used to shoot another?
    2. How many of the firearms were reported stolen?
    3. How many of these shooters have been identified and or arrested by the police?
    4. Of the shooters identified and/or arrested, how many have criminal records or gang affiliations?
    5. Of those that have criminal records or gang affiliations, how many could legally own guns?

    Illinois and Chicago have more than enough gun restrictions on the books to drastically reduce the bloodshed. Look to your judicial system. The police need the manpower, time and assets to work cases. Judges need to lock up offenders. Gangs need to be eliminated. Set up gang free zones with arrests and long periods of incarceration for any and every gang member that enters these areas.

    By taking law abiding citizens firearms, the only people with firearms will be criminals.

    I have more than a few weapons. I have multiple weapons with more than 15 rounds. I do not own a 50 CAL only because I don’t like the kick. I am PRO-American, PRO-Gun, PRO-2nd amendment, PRO-NRA and a conservative, as if there was any question.

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