If you see a bald eagle near a body of water, odds are that it will soon have a fish wriggling in its talons as it flies back for dinner. Even eagles get tired, however, especially when attempting to haul a fish a third of their weight or more back to the nest. In this video, an exhausted eagle is determined to bring its meal to shore—even if that means swimming with its wings.

While not the most graceful of swimmers, eagles can actually do well on the water. It is not uncommon for bald eagles to misjudge the size of their prey and attempt to take a fish much larger than they can handle. In these cases, the eagles usually persist and end up making a meal of the fish on the shore.

Image from Carl Chapman on the Wikimedia Commons

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6 thoughts on “Video: Bald Eagle Struggling to Swim after Big Catch

  1. I watched the video again. This is an extraordinary effort by the eagle. I did not know eagles could swim. Quite impressive.

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