A Texas hunter is being credited for uncovering what officials suspect may be the largest marijuana bust in state history. According KHOU, the hunter first discovered the illegal farming operation when he arrived at his deer lease in Goodrich last Saturday. In total. he found 29 fields containing more than 100,000 plants. Law enforcement officials estimated that the total value of the farm exceeded $175 million.

“This is a moneymaking invention. I mean, we’re talking about a large scale operation and these guys handle business and the guys we have here, our guys that come in, just like regular workers,” Polk County Chief Deputy Byron Lyons told KTRE. “They’re going to areas that [are] close to a creek area or close to a lake or a pond and they will get in the middle of a growth of trees, and help cut that out and then grow within.”

Instead of preparing his lease for deer, the hunter called the local sheriff’s office. A short while later, more than 80 law enforcement officers from Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the Livingston Police Department, and other agencies descended upon the site. No suspects were found on the sprawling marijuana farm, but police did arrest one man in the nearby forest. From what officers found at the scene, it is believed that another six suspects had been camping at the location.

“These guys are building trenches, pumps, set up irrigation systems,” said Lyons.”They’ve got their own little camps, tents, tent cities. It’s a pretty elaborate set up.”

The discovery of the massive marijuana grow site came as a surprise to local residents, who say they never suspected criminal activity in the woods. The farm was so large that police had to call in a helicopter to find outlying fields. Not all of the plants have been recovered as of Wednesday.

Officials warn motorists on US 59 near Livingston to keep their doors locked and to not pick up hitchhikers. These types of farming operations are especially dangerous to any hunter, hiker, or angler that stumbles onto them, since police say that the growers are typically armed and potentially dangerous.

You can watch an interview with Lyons below:

Image screenshot of video by willie preston on YouTube.

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8 thoughts on “Hunter Discovers Massive 29-field Pot Farm on Texas Deer Lease

  1. This is a “Who Cares” article. Almost everyone exceptt some reliogus and extremist government employees that make a living off it being illegal now realize Marijuana is relatively harmless. It has been used to justify the billions of dollars spent each year fighting “The War On Drugs”….ooooooooooooooh, that sounds so dangerous! Over 50% of US prisoners are doing time for non-violent crimes related to marijuana use and quite frankly I’m tired of my tax dollars br used to house, feed, and care for such people!

    1. So get off your lazy ass and put some effort into having your state decriminalize it like CO and WA have done. Once enough states decriminalize marijuana, the feds will have to accept it and finally stop wasting all those tax dollars.

      1. FYI Dump Ass! I’m a physician who ran a legitmate medical clinic to help patients in need access and use cannabis for medical purposes when most others in my state were to affraid to do so. I’m one of two physicians who sued and successfully won a Constitutional Rights case against our state for trying to limit my abilities to discuss the option of cannabis use with my patients………I could go on but by now u should be choking on ur words……….John C. Stowers, MD………Great Falls, MT.

    2. I’d tend to agree with you… EXCEPT that we’re not talking about a few plants here. This was a case of a bunch of squatters that ripped up someone else’s property to fulfill their own greed. If I owned that stretch of land, I’d be quite pissed off to find that someone did that to my property.

      1. M40, you bring up a good point which I neglected to see. Yes infringing on and/or destroying someone elses property is unacceptable and would really piss me off too! Now that you mention it I must admit many times over the years while hiking in the mountains in the NW I’ve come across garbage dumps that MJ growers left behind. Thanks for pointing that out! Take Care…………..JCS…..Great Falls, MT.

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