Not surprisingly, there is a bit of math behind something as audacious as a 300-yard pistol shot. Equipped with some metal targets, a spotting scope, some big brains, and a Beretta Px4 Storm Compact pistol chambered in 9x19mm, Stuart of Panther Ridge Training sets out to make some long range shots. After giving a short explanation of the equations that they will be using to calculate the shoot, Stuart manages to land a round on the 200-yard target after two shots and the 300-yarder after four. Overall, still very impressive—when was the last time you needed a spotter while shooting a pistol?

Perhaps one day Stuart will be able to replicate Jerry Miculek’s 1,000-yard pistol feat.


Image screenshot of video by PantherRidge on YouTube.

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  • ButtNuts

    Is this just out of sheer boredom? Why?

  • AnalFissure

    How about a video of my swollen ballsack hitting someone across the nose at 5 yards!

  • SlickDick

    This challenge definitely came about after polishing off many a 12-packs in someone’s garage!