Experts generally advise people observing wildlife to avoid getting too close to their “targets,” with an eye toward personal safety. Given the footage captured by YouTube user Buddhanz1 and embedded below, it may make sense to extend the same caution to unmanned aerial vehicles, too.

Ram enthusiasts may recognize the animal (known as “Rambro”) from a previous video that went viral roughly a year ago, which depicted the sheep confronting a dirt biker.

According to the original “attack” video, Rambro is known for his aggressive behavior and has even gone after a group of hunting dogs. Rambro resides somewhere in New Zealand, and his antics can be followed on his Facebook page.

Image screenshot of video by Buddhanz1 on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Angry Ram Knocks Drone Out of Sky

  1. This seems to be a very liberal use of the word drone. Its a toy helicopter with a camera mounted to it. My son has one of those without a camera that he flies around the backyard.

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