When Jeff Lizzio enticed anglers with a introductory video of his saucer-shaped Ultraskiff 360 in June, he wasn’t expecting such a large response. After a torrent of emails and calls to his office, Lizzio told OutdoorHub that he was quickly overwhelmed by demand with only a small inventory of boats available for sale.

“We’re still in the beginning stages,” said Lizzio, the only employee in the small start-up.

But the Ultraskiff, with its strange shape and one-piece construction, caught the eye of many curious anglers. The resulting interest inevitably drew questions regarding the unique craft’s safety, stability, and performance. After receiving many requests for a test, Lizzio recently released a video of the Ultraskiff handling wakes from passing vessels.

OutdoorHub will be publishing a full interview with Lizzio later this week.

Image screenshot of video by Ultraskiff Inc on YouTube.

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5 thoughts on “Video: Inventor Tests New Circular Skiff for Stability

      1. That’s good, but if one falls off the device it is still a good idea to have one strapped to your body. a 5 mph breeze could probably push that thing faster than one could swim. Better safe than sorry (and fish food).

      2. Ah, I misunderstood the question. Yeah, it is always a good idea be prepared when on the water, even when you’re near a giant floating Frisbee. Here’s to hoping that the lack of a life jacket will be remedied in future videos.

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