Video: California Bear Takes Break from Drought Heat in Pool


California continues to languish under a historic three-year-long drought, which officials say may be causing some unusual wildlife behavior. Experts say that a lack of food may have played a part in a mountain lion attack on a six-year-old in Santa Clara County earlier this month. Drought conditions are known to cause animals to encroach on human neighborhoods, and bears are especially known for making the best of dry conditions while rummaging through unsecured trash. The black bear in the video below may have been looking for a treat in Sierra Madre last weekend when he discovered something even better: a pool to escape the heat.

According to NBC News, a heat wave in the area brought temperatures over the triple-digit mark, so it is understandable that the bear decided to take a break from exploring and lounge in the pool instead. Homeowners report that the bear stayed for 15 minutes before leaving—much to their relief.

Experts say that residents should avoid feeding wildlife and secure their trash. While feeding the bears may seem like a nice thing to do, they can quickly lose their fear of humans.

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