Deer Herd Crashes Wedding Photo Session


For Erick and Lauren Fix, their wedding was supposed to be the biggest day of their lives. For a herd of about 40 deer living near the Stockton, New Jersey farm where the couple had their wedding reception, it was Saturday. This photograph taken by the wedding photographer, Ian Christmann, quickly went viral after the entire herd decided to crash the reception. The critters were pretty mild-mannered about it and kept mostly near the woods as wedding guests looked on.

“During dinner, during sunset, this whole herd of deer came up out of the woods,” Christmann told ABC News. “I convinced the bride and groom in the middle of dinner to come with me.”

The newlyweds were more than happy to pose near the herd for a few quick photos before the deer moved off.

“It really is an incredible shot. When we saw it, we said, ‘we really have to frame that,’” Lauren Fix told

Of course, it made for a great pun. Christmann uploaded the photos to his blog and social media accounts under the title “Deerly Beloved.”

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