Video: Sea Lion Escapes Shark by Swimming into Divers’ Cage


Shark-proof cages are a great investment for filmmakers hoping to get a glimpse of a great white while underwater, but they are also great places for sea lions to hide in. Divers in the video below were astonished when an opportunistic sea lion decided to take a quick breather in their shark cage as a great white patrolled outside. The pudgy critter managed to get itself stuck between the bars, so one of the divers helpfully gave it a nudge.

For those of you worried that the sea lion became a quick snack, don’t worry. Craig Paisley, who uploaded the video to YouTube, wrote that the sea lion was in little danger and was even taken aboard a boat for a short while. Both seals and sea lions sometimes will clamber aboard boats and kayaks, especially if they happen to have freshly-caught fish aboard.

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