Video: Motocross Spectator Leaps over Crash, Continues Talking on Phone


No matter how suave you think you are, there’s always a person out there to knock you down a peg. Today, it’s this spectator in the Grand National Cross Country event in St. Clairsville, Ohio. A motorcycle jump went awry and both the bike and its rider are launched into the crowd. Just as it looked like the bike was about to clip a distracted bystander on his phone, the man deftly leaps out of the way and even nonchalantly continues his conversation.

It must’ve been an important call.

Thankfully, the bike was stopped by a small tree and it appears that nobody was seriously injured. As for the daring spectator, we’d suggest that he apply for some roles in Hollywood. Especially the ones that involve walking away from explosions without flinching.

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