California-based Yardarm Technologies is promising to revolutionize how law enforcement officers handle their firearms, and it all has to do with a small device inserted into the grip of a handgun. The start-up company is currently developing a sensor that will allow police to track and monitor how their firearms are used in real-time. The sensor works by sending information to the “Yardarm Cloud,” through which commanders will receive updates on any particular firearm’s geo-location, when the firearm is unholstered, when it is being discharged, and even the direction of shots taken.

“The company’s Yardarm Sensor gives organizations a new level of awareness about what’s happening with their officers’ firearms. This lets commanders make informed, split second decisions about events on the ground—decisions that can save lives, help officers in the field do their jobs better than ever, and give crime scene analysis teams the information they need after the smoke has cleared,” Yardarm’s website states.

It is a change of direction for the company after it made its start trying to develop a device that would remotely disable firearms. Yardarm marketing vice-president Jim Schaff told the Associated Press that the company has since abandoned that project, which was heavily criticized by gun rights activists. Yardarm said that it does not intend on making what many have termed a “smart gun,” but only to make firearms safer and easier to use for gun owners and law enforcement organizations.

The new Yardarm sensor does not include any kind of “locking” technology, but it will track the activity of the firearm it is attached to. The company asserts that its product will allow police commanders to be alerted to situations as they unfold, and potentially save officers precious seconds in tense situations. Early versions of the sensor are currently being tested by law enforcement agencies, but Yardarm is looking to expand into the military and private security as well.

“The company’s patent pending technology delivers new levels of awareness for any organization that utilizes and manages firearms,” Yardarm stated.

You can see how it works below:

Yardarm Technologies from Jim Schaff on Vimeo.

Image screenshot of video by Jim Schaff on Vimeo

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7 thoughts on “New Technology Aims to Track Police Firearms

  1. ….and how does this technology “save lives?” What a bunch of bullshit coming from the manufacturer of this toy. The second a cop gets in a gunfight, it’s then over usually within seconds as well. So how will “command staff” sitting at a desk miles away, have any input within those split seconds to do anything that will assist in saving a life??? A supervisor will get an icon that pops up on a computer because someone pulls his/her gun out of the holster. This is worthless technology where a company like this is just trying to get a piece of the taxpayer’s money, via a local law enforcement agency. Develop something meaningful and truly useful. Plus, anything that uses a “cloud,” is guaranteed to be hacked over time. I’m not a cop, but society might as well put robots out in the field to replace human cops these days because there’s less “thinking” involved that way.

    1. Save live, officer safety, public safety are all buzz words for the media. The only thing it WILL do is allow someone to decide, ( in the safety of their office ) if the officer did everything correctly in those few seconds. One more way of adding useless info to a volatile situations. “Money For Nothing” Once hacked it will provide “irrefutable” info that the officer shot the subject on the ground, even though both were upright and bad guy was shooting at officer. Who will they believe the cop on the beat or the “machine”

  2. How hard would it be for an enterprising criminal to track the GPS feed to instantly know where every cop on the system is at. It’d be like frigging Christmas for them… smh #fail

  3. “Officer, tell us again now, so I am clear. It shows here that you pointed your firearm south-east for about 2.3 seconds. But, pulled the trigger pointing north. It also shows you had the gun in your hand for a total of 8 seconds seconds. Elaborate please.” “Your Honor, my weapon does not have this technology installed on it.” Hmmmmmmm, ummmm, well…

  4. I am going to be the first to tell you this is a crock of horse crap if I have ever saw it. This is just another attempt to place some sort of value on the invasion and tracking of the actions of people. Pretty soon they will be trying to have this mandatory for all citizens to have on their personal weapons. This will be the next attempt to identify and track all weapons in pursuit of “stricter” gun control ignoring individual freedoms and rights. They will tout that you will still be able to “keep” and “bear arms” all the while being monitored by this sophistocated system. They will try to pass laws that if you handle a firearm in a manner that THEY do not seem fit then you will then be a liability to society. This is typical Left Wing Liberal gungrabbing mentality …….if you believe in this your and idiot and should not be an American.

  5. After the cops they’ll want to put it in ALL firearms to track ALL usage. What part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” don’t you understand? Oh, I see … “California-based Yardarm Technologies”; more BS from the left coast! Shove it!

  6. Stupid idea. From the responses, they agree. Maybe in liberal ass cities where nothing happens…. Someone else making a split decision for someone else , especially a Captain? Lol.

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