Red Bull recently released this video of an astounding jump by FMX rider Nick de Wit and aerobatics pilot Glen Dell. This stunt, nicknamed the Under Over by its participants, was a project two years in the making and considered extremely dangerous. It involved de Wit doing a backflip in his dirtbike over Dell’s Extra 300 plane just as the aircraft passes underneath. With Dell flying low at about 200 miles per hour, the slightest mistake by either party could have ended in tragedy.

The stunt was pulled off without a hitch.

“It really is a three-dimensional freedom,” Dell said about flying. “You get up there and you look at the Earth below, I guess it’s like a bird you know? You feel that you’re totally, totally free.”

Unfortunately, Dell did not live to see the video air. The aviator died just five weeks after the stunt during an air show in Secunda, South Africa. Red Bull released the video as a tribute to Dell, who flew over 250 different types of aircraft in the 30 years of his career as a commercial airline trainer and stunt pilot.

Image screenshot of video by Red Bull on YouTube

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