What is the most that you have ever risked for a chance at a buck? In a recent interview with Fox News , Duck Dynasty cast member Tim Guraedy, or “Mountain Man” as he is known to fans, revealed how he lost a previous job due to his love for deer hunting.

Guraedy held a variety of jobs before he landed a spot on A&E’s Duck Dynasty. Although he is now a TV star, radio host, and author, Guraedy also tried his hand at air conditioner repair—the very same job that introduced him to the Robertsons—and the restaurant industry. The avid hunter now has the rare opportunity to mix his passion with his work, a luxury he did not always have. Guraedy recalled one instance when he and his son harvested a deer and he managed to get a thorn in his eye. Needing a place to store the deer before he got fixed up, the hunter decided to drop the meat off at the restaurant where he worked. Guraedy had stored meat in the restaurant’s freezer before, and thought nothing of it when he pulled up to the place with a deer on his four-wheeler.

The next day, however, he found that his venison deposit was not exactly up to code.

“The managers and supervisors [came in] the next morning and they found that [deer] and made a big fuss of it this time,” he said. “The health department had just slapped me on the wrist [last time] but this time they decided they were going to get rid of old Mountain Man so they fired me with that deer.”

Of course, Guraedy is now thrust into the public eye, along with the rest of Duck Dynasty, and he is trying to make the best of it. The hunter has written a book about his philosophy on life, or the “slow profile,” as he calls it.

“People have changed towards me, but I’m the same old me that I always was,” Guraedy recently told the Christian Post. “I just take it one day at a time in stride.”

If you have not been introduced to the Mountain Man, Jase Robertson gives the rundown on his part in Duck Dynasty:

Image screenshot of video by Duck Dynasty on A&E on YouTube

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