Hunters who have carried guns into cold environments know that moisture can be a very bad thing, and the same principle concerns gun oil as well. Of course, frozen gun parts tend to make themselves known at the most inopportune times, and they are rarely restricted to just one component.

Bob Beck of Extreme Outer Limits TV experienced not one, but two malfunctions during a bull elk hunt in Wyoming. First, he found that the trigger on his rifle had frozen and required a great degree of force to pull. The second round he chambered wouldn’t even fire, thanks to a frozen firing pin.

“I must have sent [the first shot] just right over his back, so I actually pull that empty out, threw in another loaded, and now in-between that shot and the second shot, the firing pin’s frozen,” Beck said in the video of hunt, which is embedded below. “It actually will not touch the primer.”

It took a third round before the hunter was finally able to make the shot, downing the large bull.

What is your craziest “frozen” hunting story? Let us know about it in the comments below.

Image screenshot of video by ExtremeOuterLimits on YouTube

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