What is the most you have ever paid for a hunting-related feature on your car? In partnership with British gun maker Holland & Holland, Land Rover has designed what they call one of the most luxurious SUVs for hunters and recreational shooters on the market. The Holland & Holland Range Rover has increased off-road capability and comes with a choice of either a diesel-powered 4.4-liter SDV8 or a 510PS petrol-powered 5.0-liter V8 Supercharged. The interior is tailor-designed to suit the discerning sportsman, and comes furnished with leather seating, Holland & Holland embroidery, and even French walnut veneer that matches the stocks of many Holland & Holland firearms.

Gun owners will also be pleased to hear that the SUV comes equipped with a leather-trimmed loadspace cabinet for their shotguns and rifles. The removable gun case sits on a deployable floor and can slide out for easy access after a hunt or day at the range.

None of that comes cheap, however. Billed as the most expensive Range Rover ever, the car maker only expects to produce 120 of these vehicles during a limited run over the next three years. The recommended retail price stands at a whopping £180,000, or roughly $282,750 USD.

An exterior view of the Range Rover.
An exterior view of the Range Rover.

“The whole Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) team is very proud of this car, a bespoke design, which perfectly meets the very particular needs of Holland & Holland’s customers,”said Special Operations director John Edwards in a press release. “This shows the huge potential of SVO, which encapsulates both off- and on-road performance as well as luxury and craftsmanship.”

Holland & Holland are world-renowned for producing some of the finest handcrafted shotguns and rifles in the world. It is not uncommon for a single side-by-side from the manufacturer to cost well over £60,000, or $94,000 USD. In addition, there is a lengthy waiting list for these fine firearms, so a specially-built gun box is must for many customers.

“This project represents two great British brands working together to produce a car that perfectly represents our shared brand values,” said Daryl Greatrex, managing director of Holland & Holland. “Stunning form and perfect functionality unite in a car that is supremely fit for purpose.”

Images courtesy Land Rover

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3 thoughts on “Land Rover Designs SUV So Luxurious It Has a Leather-trimmed Gun Box

  1. In Charleston, which has increasingly been invaded by people from off that want to be Southerners, there is a trend to buy a Range Rover and a Chocolate Lab. I have yet to see any of these expensive toys used off road. I can see that they could do so but it just does not happen except in parking on the grass to walk over to an event such as the Southern Wildlife Exhibition which is safely ensconced in the old city.
    I would hope at that price there would be at least one shotgun included.

  2. The real need for this product in that vehicle is perfectly portrayed in the fact that only 120 units will be produced…far from mainstream. Build for the rich and you will live with the masses…build for the masses and you will live with the rich.

  3. I love this gorgeous green colour. Generally the Range Rover is a category by its own without any serious competitors except Mercedes. Very capable vehicle with plenty of luxury features. A friend of mine has it, really a very impressive SUV. I would say that this car is a limo 4X4 not just a SUV.

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