There is something to be said about businessmen who back up their products by using them. But few have to put their lives on the line when they show off their company’s goods. Trent Kimball, the CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation, did just that in a recent video.

Texas Armoring Corporation is a manufacturer of armored cars and other other specialty vehicles. According to the San Antonio Express-News, the bullet-resistant cars used by the Pope, actor Steven Seagal, and rapper T.I., to name a few.

“In a typical armored vehicle the entire passenger compartment is enclosed in lightweight composite armors that are impervious to all handgun and submachine gun munitions,” explains the company on its website. “Two types of armor are used in the armoring process, transparent and opaque.”

The opaque armor is generally made out of lightweight composite materials such as “high-hardened ballistic steel.” The transparent armor is actually layered glass that has been laminated with polycarbonate, which makes it perfect for protecting windows.

Want to see one of these armored cars in action? Check out the video below, in which Kimball readily jumps into the driver’s seat of an armored SUV while an employee peppers the windshield with shots from an AK-pattern rifle.

Here is video from inside the car.

Image screenshot of video by armoredvehicles on YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Video: This is What It’s Like to Be Shot at with an AK-47 from Inside an Armored Car

  1. very impressive, but what about shooting at the same spot with all the shoots. second i would not get behind that windshield if the ak had the old armor piercing solid steel bullets. perfection is hard to achieve. but this looks really good, i wish i had money.

    1. True, but “Video: This is What It’s Like to Be Shot at with an M70AB2 (a Yugoslavian AKMS Variant) from Inside an Armored Car” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

      1. Kudos to old schools. I’m just uncomfortable with anyone shooting at me not knowing
        that they’re fully informed as to what “tool” they’re using. It’s like using Snap-on instead
        of Husky; those lines look similar but care and use are very different.

  2. Still pretty cool. Certainly would stop most ordinary street-thug bullets long enough to get the heck out of Dodge. Now for the tires, engine & doors…

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