Is Vermont on your list of places to fish? Perhaps it should be. Officials from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department are reminding both resident and non-resident anglers of the widely expanded fishing opportunities in the state, which involves opening over 70 additional miles of river to year-round trout fishing.

“The regulations were intended to provide expanded fishing opportunities for trout while limiting the potential impact to populations,” Rich Kirn, fisheries biologist with Vermont Fish & Wildlife, said in a recent press release. “The changes will give interested anglers the opportunity to take advantage of any mild days in late fall and early spring.”

All lakes, ponds, and reservoirs not marked as seasonally closed waters will also be open to catch-and-release bass fishing. The new regulations are expected to draw more out-of-state anglers to Vermont, and appear to be a big hit with resident anglers already.

“From the feedback I’ve gotten, many local anglers—primarily the hardcore, avid type—are really excited about the increased options in terms of fishable waters,” said Bob Shannon, who runs a rod shop and guide service in Stowe. “Additionally, we’ve seen a rise in the non-resident interest in these opportunities and that should certainly provide a boost in visits from those outside of Vermont.”

Image courtesy Cameron MacKugler/Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department

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