This video has been floating around on the internet for a few years, but has been recently gaining traction after being posted to LiveLeak. In it, a woman firing what appears to be a M1 Garand suffers a catastrophic failure that will make your jaw drop.

The standard US service rifle for both World War II and the Korean War, the M1 Garand has earned its reputation as a powerful and accurate rifle. For many history buffs and gun collectors, the Garand is also a popular choice due to its background. However, as you’ll see in the video below, it is far from indestructible.

The cause of the explosion has not been confirmed, but many viewers are throwing out theories such as a squib—a bullet lodged in the barrel due to an underloaded round—or problems with the ammunition. The prevailing thought is that it was an out-of-battery detonation.

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“The 7th round jammed, which is nothing unusual for this gun,” wrote arizonagirl24, who posted the video to YouTube and also claimed to be the shooter. “It happens all the time. That is why I didn’t really hesitate to shoot the final round. We were using newer ammo, so we don’t think that’s the problem. My brother has been looking at his M1, and we noticed it will still fire with the chamber not fully closed. The chamber can be open up to 1/2″ and the weapon will still fire. We think that’s what happened.”

She also claimed that neither her or her brother were seriously injured by the blast, although she did receive lots of splinters and some bruising.

What do you think caused this malfunction?

Image screenshot of video by arizonagirl24 on YouTube

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12 thoughts on “Video: M1 Garand Explodes in Shooter’s Hands

  1. Probably in using surplus ammunition a pressure test round was the cause of the gun coming apart. Also in reloads when not carefully monitored this can happen even to the strong receiver of the MI. Looking at her shooting I doubt she was hitting much of anything. At any rate there are other videos of failures in weapons such as the MI in almost every case it was an ammunition problem. I’m surprised that no one took the remains of that MI and checked the barrel and the bolt head.

  2. It looks like she had a dud round which pushed a bullet into the barrel, The bore should have been checked for an obstruction before chambering another round,

  3. If they examine the barrel, they can tell if its an obstruction in the bore that blew the gun up…….the barrel would have a bulge.
    If it was and out of battery firing, only if you had several rounds in the clip, which would sympathetically detonate, would I believe that was what happened.
    Not knowing about a bulged barrel, my guess would be that it had to be a squib round that lodged a bullet in the bore. The next round fired would have created the excessive pressures to blow the gun up. Even if the bolt were not fully forward and locked, a firing of that round would merely rupture the cartridge case and throw hot brass shards and gas, not the catastrophic failure in the video.
    Just a guess, FWIW

    1. A squib round sounds different… the blast cannot escape as normal, so it’s usually a dull ‘thud’ compared to other shots. For this reason, when teaching people to shoot, I always tell them “If a round sounds quieter or in any way DIFFERENT from the rest, STOP shooting immediately, put the gun down, WAIT for a minute or two… and then fully examine the gun”!

      In this case, all of the rounds sounded normal including the second to last. It was only the final round, which it should be noted…failed to feed. She then attempted to reseat it and fire it. The fact that this fired out of battery accounts for the self destruction occurring at the receiver. A squib in the barrel typically just destroys the barrel, and usually leaves the receiver intact).

    1. I’m glad to see the jennings, or Jiminez. As its now known. Is recognized as the pice of sh.t that it really is

    1. I had a m1 carbine do the same , did not close, it fired and blew the gun half into and the bottom out of a 10 round clip, it was a malfunction in the bolt not closing, not the ammo

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