There’s little doubt in anybody’s mind that bears are powerful creatures. The largest land predator in North America, bears can move around objects weighing several hundred to even a thousand pounds. If you ever wanted a demonstration of how strong bears can be, Alberta Parks recently released this video of a bear knocking around a metal trap like a toy.

In a similar study conducted by researchers at Montana State University, a group of grizzly bears also treated a 700-pound dumpster as a plaything.

“It was like a beach ball to them,” said professor Doug Cairns, who supervised the experiment. “They could roll it over and over. It took a minimum of two people a concerted effort to tip it.”

Cairns indicated that bears were actually much stronger outside of play.

“Our conclusion was a grizzly bear is equal to 2.5 to 5 humans in strength,” he said. “I’m certain if a bear were enraged it would be much, much higher. We never did get them ticked off. We didn’t want to.”

Image screenshot of video by AlbertaParks on YouTube

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