Is there such a thing as too much oil on a gun? Larry Vickers puts the myth of over-lubrication to the test at Gunsite Academy in Arizona. Of course, drowning firearms in Castrol GTX engine oil is hardly a good recipe for a fun day at the range (especially if you drop it in the dirt), but will the gun malfunction? Watch the video below to find out.

Image screenshot of video by Vickers Tactical on YouTube

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  • Carl Spackler

    You over lube a glock trust me.

    • Matt

      No I don’t, trust me.

  • Alexander

    Ok… now walk around in a desert for a week like that and see how it goes. Not saying they’re wrong, just saying the test misses the point.

  • Carl Spackler

    If you over lube a glock and get to much in the striker it will impede its movement and it wont hit the primer.

  • Boom

    So you should shoot three identical weapons. One with no lube, one with proper lube and one with over lube and see when they fail.

  • Harry Schwarte

    How would that work in Sub Zero weather in Stalingrad or Alaska ?

    • Alexander

      If you use the right lube, it won’t freeze. Although… not sure about the motor oil.

  • how about after thousands of rounds of real use scenarios? plus storage and re-use later.