The National Rifle Association’s headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia sees its fair share of protests by gun control supporters. Wielding signs such as “honk to stop gun violence,” protesters are determined to have their voices heard, and the Media Research Center (MRC) is happy to oblige. MRC’s man on the street Dan Joseph decided to ask a group of chanting protesters why exactly they oppose the NRA, and the answers he received range from the confusing to the downright bizarre.

Image screenshot of video by MRCTV .org on YouTube

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8 thoughts on “Video: Gun Control Supporters Fail to Explain Why They Oppose the NRA

  1. The rubes don’t even have the liberal fodder memorized? Bad libbies…… Then of course the smokescreen of intimidation from the very large one. Did anyone notice there was only about 2 dozen people there? Give up you boobs. We are not getting behind you on this. If we don’t have any guns other than those in police possession and the criminals and thugs do, what do we do before the police get there? What do we do when the police are present but they can’t do their job because of public pressure to be more PC? Also when we ‘stupids’ with no common sense finally figure out we should stay out of “bad neighborhoods” what do we do when the “bad element” comes over for a “visit”? How do you stay out of bad neighborhoods when they are everywhere? We should just quit “pushing them around” by arresting them and jailing them for committing crimes against society? What if my job requires me to go in there? Who is it exactly that is making these areas “bad areas”? Who made them bad areas? Me? Why should they be given permission to behave lawlessly the way they do, which forces me to give up my freedom to travel community by ways? Am I an intruder in their world the same way that I’m an intruder in the animal world? If you try to outlaw gun ownership, don’t you just create millions of “criminals” out of good law abiding citizens? If they don’t have to be law abiding citizens, why do I? Just a few questions raised about your “progressive” philosophies…..

  2. My favorite example of the bizarre illogical thinking of many anti-gun people is the film that encourages children to steal guns from their parents house, take them to SCHOOL and turn them in. Besides encouraging children to handle firearms without training, it asks them to take them to school! This encourages the children to commit multiple felonies! This puts EVERYONE in danger. The people that made this film are guilty of attempting to corrupt the morals of children and putting them and all the people in school at risk!

  3. So only LE should be allowed to carry a gun? And the majority of Americans and majority of NRA members want guns banned? People who own several guns are paranoid and not, say, a hobbyist or recreational shooter? Stand your ground laws are so racist white gun owners can commit hate crimes? I am utterly at a loss for words… the apathy, the ignorance, the irrational lack of logic and common sense by these people… And i agree with an above poster, that now days progressives are constantly demonizing police, yet hypocritically, police should be the only ones allowed to carry guns.. these people are sad, misinformed, irrational, and lack any common sense or experience in the real world.

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