Have you ever wished that your ice auger could also double as the motor of a small go-cart? Wisconsin angler and inventor Adam Ford did, and he is hoping that crowdfunding will raise the $30,000 he needs to put his contraption into production. The aptly named Ice Auger Go Cart Machine is impressively simple, and works by using the motor from the auger to power a chain-drive operated go-cart. The motor operates the cart by moving its rear wheels, and users can swap the smaller front wheels for skis if needed. The handle of the motor section also serves as the steering wheel while driving. Upon reaching the fishing hole, the user then detaches the motor and couples it to back to the auger for drilling.

Ford plans for the ice auger go-cart to be a low cost, lightweight alternative to snowmobiles, especially since it already integrates a tool that many ice fishermen have already.

“The idea came to me from an experience I had ice fishing on ‘The Bay’ in Green Bay, WI,” Ford wrote on his Kickstarter page. “I had walked and pulled all my equipment out about 2 miles from shore and started fishing. Shortly after I had got everything situated I noticed a storm was coming in. The long story short, I had to pack up and battle walking and pulling in this nasty storm. The whole walk back I was coming up with a way I could propel myself forward with the motor on my auger. Luckily I made it back after 2 hours of walking and since then I have come up with a design and built it.”

You can watch a demonstration of how the go-cart works below:


The prototypes for the go-carts weigh about 107 pounds and go about seven to 10 miles per hour on the ice. If crowdfunding proves to be successful, Ford plans on using his funds from Kickstarter to re-design the go-cart in lighter alloys so the vehicle can move faster and put less weight on the ice. The funds will also go towards adapting the current design for popular auger brands, possibly add a braking system, swap out the tires for a more rugged and durable variant, and start a marketing campaign.

“In a more hopeful situation I would like to work with a company or someone that has better opportunity to engineer a better design, promote and manufacture the product,” Ford wrote. “I am a project manager at a machine and fab shop so I know a lot about the industry but it would be better to work with someone that has more manpower and capability.”

You can watch a demonstration of the go-cart’s handling ability below:

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4 thoughts on “Ice Fisherman Develops Ice Auger That Doubles as Go-cart

  1. Couple of suggestions- make the wheels larger so they won’t have problems hitting holes in the ice which WILL ruin your day with those small wheels, especially the front. No big deal, anyway. Second, tubular aluminum with a decent wall thickness will significantly lighten the frame and maintain strength. Next, angle the augur head backtowards the driver- vertical can be unwieldy. Also, consider a way of using a small 6 or 12 volt riding mower battery to start the augur and do double duty as a power source for a fish finder. Last, the “box” under the seat should be modified to hold such things as bait buckets, tackle, gear, etc.
    Then call me and I’ll buy one!

    1. i think that partially this is about laziness, but also- for people who are older who have mobility issues but still want to fish, this seems like it could be a really good thing. my grandfather gave up ice fishing in his early 70s and would have gladly fished for another decade before he passed away if he hadn’t had mobility issues. i think that expanding access to the outdoors for all different types of people is a really great idea.

  2. I love it. I agree you should make it out of square tube aluminum stock for weight and corrosion resist. Add in a hitch so you can use the standard Otter hitch for sleds. Maybe extend the wheelbase width if it doesnt cut power too much, it looks unstable if you hit a crack, or extend the steering wheels by a bit for the same reason. It looks like the only struggle you have is remounting the auger and aligning the keyway, maybe just a indicator on the keyway or a quick connect. I like to think of everything mechanical as in how much it will be a pain in the rear in the pitch dark. Needs a led bike light and reflector. My state would probably require it be registered as an ATV. How does it handle 6″ or better of snow? You also might contact Howe and Howe Technologies, they make alternative vehicles, this looks up their alley.

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