Despite threats, criticism, and pressure from animal advocacy groups, one predator hunting “derby” in Montana will still he held. Yet according to The Missoulian, the location of the hunt, and even the location of the registration site, is still being kept secret.

The story began last year when the Lakeside Resort and Motel in Trout Creek announced that it would be holding the first annual Great Montana Coyote and Wolf Hunt in Sanders County. It did not take long before animal rights activists pressured the motel into closing the event. In a statement last month, Lakeside Resort owner John Harris declared that the cancellation of the hunt was not due to him taking one side or the other on the wolf hunting debate, but because of very personal threats.

“A long night,” Harris wrote on Facebook. “We have decided not to hold the Great Montana Coyote and Wolf Hunt at the Lakeside Motel and Resort in Trout Creek, Montana! The reason behind canceling this event is not because of any great debate, discovering we were wrong or the other side was wrong or the bulling. The reason for canceling is because of the threats that have been received to my family and myself.”

Harris told reporters earlier that he supported the derby because it would be a way to promote hunter awareness of predators such as coyotes and wolves, which he said were detrimental to game like deer and elk if left unchecked. Without a sponsor, it looked as if the hunting derby would be canceled.

Instead, organizations such as Montana Wolf Hunting and Trapping, Idaho for Wildlife, the Montana Trappers Association, and Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife are now backing the derby. Details of the hunt, however, are being kept under wraps to prevent further harassment.

Groups like In Defense of Animals (IDA) are continuing to put pressure on the hunt. The organization recently asked its members to write to county officials in an attempt to stop the derby.

“Like an aggressive cancer, wildlife killing contests are spreading across the nation,” IDA wrote on its website. “These deplorable wildlife-slaughter events usually occur on publicly-owned land, administered either by the U. S. Forest Service (FS) or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and are sponsored by pro-hunting and pro-trapping groups, which are driven by hate and disdain for carnivores and other wildlife.”

In response, hunters said that wolf hunting is a state-approved method of managing predator populations.

“This hunt which you oppose is NOT murder, it is a gathering of like minded individuals who share a philosophy of hunting and trapping,” stated the Montana Trapping Association on Facebook. “This event is not a ‘contest’ nor is it a ‘murderous’ event.”

Registration for the hunt will be on January 16 while the hunt itself will begin the next day. The location of these events will be released at a later time.

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15 thoughts on “Animal Rights Groups Pressure Montana Hunting “Derby” into Keeping Location Secret

  1. Murder is when you kill a person not in battle or self defense, not an animal. Like if those animal rights activists actually followed up on their threats, that would be murder. The animals they are in supposed defense of are not murdered, abused, harassed, or anything of the sort. They are hunted and trapped LEGALLY in concert with appointed govt overseers under strict guidelines that are agreed upon and supported by the good citizens of our United States. The only crimes being perpetrated are from the animal activists. Terroristic threats are a federal offense. Shouldn’t those that threatened the gentleman in this story be found out, arrested, charged, and tried before a court of law? The scum get to walk free all over this country.

    1. NO WONDER we are suffering climate change, with all the hot air being blown around… – Unfortunately, one look BEHIND all those great words about legality, appointed government overseers, strict guidelines and all that reveals some pretty ugly TRUTHS: Neither Montana nor Idaho have a “wolf management plan” that in ANY way meets the requirements – which is why Congress added that “immunity to lawsuits” to the delisting-plot. The terms “responsible, sustainable and based on sound science” certainly do NOT apply to wolf management in the USA.
      The good citizens of your United States DID agree upon and support strict guidelines – which frequently are ingnored or nonchalantly broken in the wolf-hater states. Even poaching wolves by now is officially allowed in Idaho – by decree of the governor, forbidding “his” agencies to do as much as investigating.
      The USFWS, responsible for enacting the Endangered Species Act, lately are more concerned about the well-paid for wishes of special interest groups than interested in protecting and recovering endangered species – ESPECIALLY if that species happens to be canine.
      The sad fact that, in most states, the ONLY “animal protection regulations” regarding wildlife refer exclusively to GAME animals, while predators may be and ARE abused, harrassed, tortured and maimed at will, does not exactly make this behaviour “ethical” or “right” in any way. A lot of things were “legal” once, but now are regarded to have been barbaric atrocities.
      I do agree, however, that “threats” are in no way the proper means to protect endangered species – but that’s a TWO way road, as we can’t ignore the threats uttered by certain “hunters and trappers” towards us “treehuggers, wolf (or bunny…) lovers and greenies”, either. But you really should update your definition of “terrorism” – as THAT would be enacting violence against innocent, uninvolved victims to blackmail authorities into certain action or inaction… And I really can’t remember any of that concerning the legal protection wolves need to survive amongst trophy hunters and hobby trappers wanting to make a living room rug or an additional income source out of them. (Oh – WHAT happened to “no commercial use of wildlife”, by the way?)
      And one more thing, regarding something in the article: Sorry, hunting and trapping are not a “philosophy” – it’s rather a mental disease, if you look at all those fun killers and hobby torturers.

    2. No, that would be controlling a worthless vermin species (hunters/trappers). Hunters and trappers are terrorists to our wildlife

    1. Maybe you better sort out your concepts before posting… us treehuggers & wolf lovers will be “in the dark” (or not…) when ending fossil fuel burning, but when “hunters and ranchers go silent”, we will all starve to death… or rather, will have to resort to those factory farmed livestock that already makes up most of the meat consumed in the USA, or go vegan, as hunters, trappers and ranchers do NOT supply anybody with crops and vegetables anyway.

      And livestock losses of usually under ONE percent by wolf depredation are SURE to force all free-range (preferably public land, too) grazing livestock operations into bankruptcy, if this terrible threat is not brought under control by all means available. JUST as hunting will come to an abrupt end due to wolves, as those ALWAYS wipe out their prey animals – that’s why the North American Continent was a barren, lifeless desert when the first white settlers arrived to save nature from those abundant wolf populations, right?

      Have I forgotten any of those wild exaggerations, stupid fairy tales and made-up horror stories avid wolf haters so love to spread?

      Oh, yes, SURE – Little Red Riding Hood, that ancient example of ecological science and behavioral research: Wolves eat little children, preferably those wearing red! Either that, or kidnap them for ransom, and raise them as werewolves, if the parents refuse to pay… or something like that…

      1. How’s the weather inside your vacuum? Some people do eat the meat. Some share it with others., especially in my indigenous culture. You are the white carpetbagger that brought us the blankets….. You are the one blowing hot air….

      2. A late reply, but still… Talking about “vacuum”, how’s the one in your brain?
        IF you ARE a “Native American”, AND have any sort of connection with the traditions and convictions of that “indigenous culture” you are refering to, you would respect animals. ALL animals, not just assorted game.
        And a little knowledge about natural environments wouldn’t hurt, either.
        Insulting me won’t change the fact that the current wolf killing spree on the North American continent is based solely on fairy tales, horror stories and outright lies – not one single shred af actual “scientific knowledge” in the whole argumentation, not to mention common sense.

  2. Events like these are not hunts. These people are not eating the meat, they are not engaged in an activity which could even arguably dignify the subjects of their kill. Events like these are public celebrations of slaughter and wanton infliction of suffering. These events, and the participants who hold them, are attempting to engage in public activities – community events. That public activity is an affirmative action which properly avails them to public scrutiny. Then they whine about it – and hide.

    Drive them underground with cameras, bearing witness, and with public scrutiny.

    Let their actions embody the shame that they should feel.

    Their ideas, their depravity, cannot withstand the light.

      1. Outstanding commentary Shihan…when you can’t argue with facts, get emotional. Always good for credibility.

      2. guest 4455 you are the vermin that breeds hate and disgust in the legal and fairness that hunting offers the free thinking and living population. Your comments are rude disgustuing and unwarranted

      3. And once again you have proven me correct! Your tone and outrage tells me you are an uneducated radical with no common sense as to what the real issue is ,thus you react in a child like behavior only a mother could really love though I think this may be your issue ! your lack of love.

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