PARA USA, an American firearms manufacturer that provided the weapons for the recent film Taken 3, has announced that they will no longer work with actor Liam Neeson or any films he will be attached to in the future, as well as encouraging other industry partners to do so as well. The announcement followed the actor’s recent rant on American gun control laws in the wake of the terror shooting in Paris, France.

‘There’s just too many [expletive] guns out there,’ said Neeson in a press conference. “‘Especially in America. I think the population is like, 320 million? There’s over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America.”

Neeson went on to add that the number of guns in America was a “disgrace.” Yet his critics pointed out that Neeson’s film career was punctuated by violence on-screen, especially in his most recent film Taken 3 where Neeson returns to his role as former CIA operative Bryan Mills. Yet the Irish-born actor, who now resides in New York City, draws a distinction between his often gun-toting image in movies and his personal beliefs.

“A character like Bryan Mills going out with guns and taking revenge: it’s fantasy,” he told the Daily Mail. “It’s in the movies, you know? I think it can give people a great release from stresses in life and all the rest of it, you know what I mean? It doesn’t mean they’re all going to go out and go, ‘Yeah, let’s get a gun!'”

Understandably, Neeson’s comments have drawn ire from gun rights advocates and manufacturers. You can see the announcement from PARA USA below:

Image from Georges Biard on the Wikimedia Commons

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25 thoughts on “Gun Maker Cuts Ties with Liam Neeson after Anti-gun Rant

  1. Liam’s entitled to all the freedoms this nation has to offer. After all, he’s been a citizen for five years. But it’s an effin’ disgrace for any actor, even an immigrant, to use his celebrity status to lecture us on politics, particularly when he has no special education, training or experience in the field. He knows little of politics and virtually nothing about the dynamics of gun control. He’s now joined the ranks of Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Penn, Ed Asner, Alec Baldwin, Beyonce, Ellen Degeneres, Richard Deryfus, Mike Farrell and countless others. What they have in common is they’re democrats, in spirit if not in name.

  2. It is amazing how people achieve a little success and suddenly become experts, qualified to give advise to nations! Most Hollywood types are not real people but cutouts anyway.

  3. Stupid move for PARA-USA, Advertising is advertising. If your trying to sell a product to the masses and your getting free advertising if process, you don’t kill “The Golden Goose” to do it…

    1. PARA- USA can do without him. He makes his living dipiciting a vengeful hero with a name brand stunt gun and getting even with bad guys. In the same breath, he damns the freedom of our heritage. I say boycott him and send him packing. Let him get his props from China. PARA-USA did the right thing; he is bad for business. Neeson should’ve just made his money and kept his opinions to himself. Just like that A-hole Michael Moore.

      1. You said it OZ !!!!!!!! I will not support or spend my money with anyone or any business that wants to violate the Constitution that has kept us free for over 200 years !!!!!!!!

    2. if you anti gun, corp, or person i will not support you. if you have to kill the golden goose to eat so be it. you then eat the brown goose and whatever color is around the next time. money talks so you either support something or you do not or you do not give a crap. that is life. i am pro gun, i do not give anything to the anti-gun crowd. good for para usa!!

    3. Liam Neeson is a “golden goose”? NOT. He’s washed up. That’s why he did “Taken 3”. He can’t do anything else now…… Not of any interest anyway. Did anyone see “Nell”? Can you name anything prominent that he’s done? Maybe next the boring putz will get a talk show.

    4. Advertising guns to people who think guns are evil and won’t buy them is a good business decision. Gotcha.

      Killing the “Golden Goose” by continuing to let Liam and his cadre of gun grabbers utilize Para Ordnance firearms in his movies while it pisses off people who actually DO buy guns is good. 10-4

    5. Are you kidding? Most people who watched the movie don’t have the first clue about who manufactured the firearms. With one press release, now everybody knows the PARA-USA name. You can’t buy that kind of publicity.

  4. beside the (admittedly mixed) freedoms we enjoy regarding firearms is the more broadly agreed upon right to express opinions Liam is exercising. That’s fine. We already understood his movies to be fantasies; when these people shoot at bad guys, kiss the girl, save the president, defeat the aliens or deflect the world-crushing asteroids we have to remember they’re actors telling a story, and we’re buying entertainment. It shouldn’t surprise us when they turn out to be real people with a range of personal opinions, with which we may or may not agree, although we seem to afford them a certain “status” just because they’re actors. Was he responding to a question? I suppose stating an opinion might not quite be the same thing as lecturing.

    1. I think he affords himself his status. As with anyone famous or not, he can respond but, to bite an indirect hand that feeds him shows a lack of gratitude, respect and common sense for those that supported him.Most of these actors that have made a few bucks in the industry like asserting themselves to be influential. A very poor choice on his part.

  5. He is an actor, he doesn’t actually know enough of anything about our laws and constitution to comment about it. He is parroting some babble he heard from a bloomerist most likely.

  6. first off- that is the last liam neesom movie i will ever watch, perhaps he can switch to comedy- oh that’s right, he only pretends to hate guns. maybe he should go back to belfast and tell his irish brothers to disarm- see how that works out for him. does he have a solution to any real problems- such as cops murdering citizens on a daily basis? seems to me that is our main problem with guns. the school shooters he is whining about are all motivated by SSRI drugs that they have all the kids on nowadays- perhaps he could point that out? nope. it’s the guns fault, not the meds which drive kids to murder/suicide. hey liam, if you had grown up here you would know that this country was able to create a new world model for a nation based on the fact that every citizen was armed and ready to throw off british oppression, something the unarmed irish were unable to do, until they armed themselves after 800 years, that is. but since he is from northern ireland, i take it he enjoys being under the yoke of the queen mother.

  7. So by his meaning just cause theres 300 million guns doesnt mean law abiding citizens are going to go out and shoot someone..its the criminals u have to worry about all the gun control in the world wont stop a criminal from getting a gun.. dudes a dumbass

  8. I think you all need to grow up. Probably 90% of you ctybabies out there don’t even understand what the law is for.I myself am not a fan of how Obamas gun control laws were passed but the fact of the matter is…. there are to many guns on the streets that are in the wrong hands. If you don’t believe me just watch the 6:00 news and you’ll see what I mean. Get the guns out of their hands and we’ll talk. F’in cry babies.

    1. The laws were written to set precedence, as a lever, to lift off our second amendment rights. A foothold at a time. Why what were you thinking? It’s for the children? Who’s job is it to determine how many guns I need? Or want, since I’m free and gun ownership is legal…. Does limiting me, or turning me into a criminal by trying to change the meaning of the amendment solve the problem? What you see on the news are thugs and mentally ill. You do not see very many law abiding citizens getting into any altercations. At least not without being provoked by a thug or nut job. As with you, the criminals don’t want to talk either. It might expose the fact that you are both wrong.

    2. Mike, we’ve plenty of laws already and if they were enforced we wouldn’t have the gang bangers killing all the time. Hell our southern border is freaking wide open, how much stuff comes across there ?

    3. Right, so go after criminals not the law abiding citizens. You’ll never see media outlets says “You criminals must stop being criminals! ” It’s easier to place blame on legal gun owners and restrict freedoms with stupid gun laws. To make politicians seem like they are doing something about the “problem” and furthering their political careers.

    4. The crybaby is you. You don’t seem to know or understand Constitutional law, yet you infer that you swore to serve this country. You’re a traitor to your fellow countrymen, and your position on firearm ownership means you’re a pantywaist like the whiners you accuse others of being.

  9. That surprised them (PARA)? He is, after all, from Holly-weird AND a foreigner! JEEZ! Wake up, people! As the saying goes, “if you lay down with dogs, don’t be surprised when you wake up with fleas!” Also, agree with Chuckles, as in they are ALL searching for relevance & controversy sells movie tickets!

  10. Liam Neeson should get his ass out of the US where he makes most of his money. I have stopped purchasing anything he is associated with. No longer see his movies. Don’t want to see his face. He can keep anti gun and everything elsecommenys for his homeland and. Europe where the murder rates are much higher than in US.

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