East Meets West in the PTR-32 Gen 2


This year at SHOT Show, PTR Industries introduced a unique blend of East and West in the form of the PTR-32 Gen 2. The PTR-32 is a roller-delayed blowback firearm (based off the German HK91/G3 action) chambered in the classic Soviet 7.62x39mm cartridge, and feeds from most AK-pattern magazines.

PTR is well-known for its excellent PTR-91 line of .308 rifles, and the PTR-32 Gen 2 seeks to build upon that reputation. The firearm will be offered in two different rifle-length configurations with 16-inch barrels. The PTR-32 KFR will feature a traditional HK-style black polymer stock and slim polymer handguard. The PTR-32 KFM4R will sport an M4-style collapsible stock and an aluminum handguard with three six-inch Picatinny rail sections.

A right-hand side view of the PTR-32 KFM4R.
A right-hand side view of the PTR-32 KFM4R.

The pistol configuration, the PTR-32P, features an 8.5-inch barrel. The rifle and pistol configurations both have a Picatinny rail welded to the top of the receiver for mounting optics.

In comparison to Gen 1 PTR-32s, the Gen 2 firearms offer lighter, fluted barrels and are compatible with a wider variety of AK-pattern magazines.

PTR representatives reported 100-yard groups of 1.5 to 2 MOA with affordable ammunition. The PTR-32 KFR and PTR-32P are currently available through Atlantic Firearms for $999 and will be shipping shortly.

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