With years of practice and experience, archers can accomplish amazing things. Things such as splitting a falling piece of thread, accurately shooting 10 arrows in 5 seconds, and dropping a deer at 100 yards. There are few archers such as Lars Anderson however. The Danish athlete, artist, and hobbyist historian has a keen interest in recreating archery methods long since fallen out of use. To do this, Lars began poring over medieval texts and studied the techniques of battlefield archers before the weapon was replaced by firearms. What resulted was a dazzling array of abilities that Lars is happy to show off in the below video.

“I use a lot of time practicing, and it can take a very long time before I learn a new skill,” he wrote in the video’s description. “For instance, when I got the idea of jumping to grab and enemy’s arrow before I land, it took me months to learn, where for a long time, the arrows would fly everywhere, until I learned to handle it.”

Of course, ancient archers probably jumped a great deal less than Lars does in this video, but it is very impressive nonetheless.

Also one of Lars shooting from a Harley.

Image screenshot of video by larsandersen23 on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: History Buff Lars Anderson Shows Off Astounding Archery Skills

  1. Stop for a just 10 seconds after you watch his videos and think. His form is horrible. He RARELY draws to the full. I’m sure my daughters stuffed animals are cowering for fear one of his shots would go almost all the way through. Everyone in this world wants to be special, and unique. When we’re 12. His reel is inspiring, and entertaining. How many takes, I wonder. But technique and fundamentals have been obviously looked over for cheap results. All love and adoration aside.

    Enjoy his videos for EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE. Entertainment.

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