Confrontations with bobcats rarely end well for raccoons, who more often than not just end up being an overly feisty meal. This raccoon, however, has different ideas. A firm believer in the “first-come, first-served” philosophy, the masked critter locks into a brief standoff with the passing cat—who decided that this water hole was not one worth fighting over.

Image screenshot of video by MrBiodiversity on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Raccoon and Bobcat Face Off over Watering Hole

  1. I killed a 5 point this season that had a large puss sack in one back strap, it didn’t smell but I cut out all the affected meat which meant throwing out more than 1/2 that back strap!
    I think that this deer was involved with an automobile collision because the right side of it’s rack was broken off at the hair line and it had a nice 5 point antler on the left!
    I never process meat that looks questionable, I use it to make my dogs happy!

      1. Pam, I have no idea why this post is on this page, I was replying to another poster on a different topic, so I agree with you on the why!

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