Video: Hunters, Deputies, Wildlife Officers Team Up to Rescue Buck from Ditch


The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources recently shared a video showing what can happen when game wardens, local law enforcement, and hunters work together.

“We had a very exciting morning & would like to thank Brian (Scottie) Smith our game warden, Sheriff Kelly Shouse, & Deputy Ivan Fletcher for coming & helping us,” wrote Kathy McIntosh Mayes, who posted the video to Facebook. “As you can see this is what we woke up to this morning—out of all the years I have been hunting & time spent in the woods I have never seen anything like this. Just goes to prove, people that have a true love for hunting & wildlife are also the ones who care enough to try & take care of our game. It’s not all about the kill, it’s also about taking care of our wildlife.”

The team was able to rescue one of the anter-locked bucks, who appeared to be in pretty rough shape. The hunters commented that since the deer was still relatively young, it had a better chance of surviving the incident.

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