Video: Moose Doubles as Plow in Chest-high Snow


If you’ve ever wondered how woodland critters get around in heavy snow, this video may be enlightening. Moose are well-adapted for winter travel thanks to their long legs. Some hunters may have noticed that moose often walk in a stiff-legged, rocking motion, which helps them to traverse snow-covered areas quickly. A moose’s split hooves and dewclaws also spread out as it walks on snow, acting as a small snowshoe.

Despite the fact that they’re “built for it,” moose can still tire quickly when trudging through deep drifts, especially when the snow comes up to their chests like in the video below.

Wildlife experts advise that if you run across a moose on a trail in the winter, it may be prudent to turn around and leave. Just like you, moose would rather walk on trails than sink their legs into deep snow. Whatever else you do, don’t approach the moose or try to push it off the trail. Moose can be aggressive animals, especially when they are already tired. As you can see in the video, this moose decided to speed through a patch of snow rather than confront the skiers. The footage was reportedly taken in Quebec, Canada.

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