Photo: Bird Feeders Discover Swan’s Beak Frozen Solid



Two bird feeders in Xinjiang, China were shocked to discover that one of the swans they had been trying to feed actually had its beak frozen solid. According to the New York Post, the swan was captured from the Peacock River and eventually thawed out by a local conservation group. The group later released the bird back into the river. Experts said it is likely that the swan fell asleep with a wet beak, or while it was dipped into the water.

According to biologists, waterfowl rarely ever freeze—even in cold water—because of how blood flows through their body. claims that mallards only lose five percent of their body heat through their feet at 0 degrees Celsius, and the rest of their body is well protected by feathers. If by some strange incident they do freeze their beaks, it can be tricky to thaw them—and may even prove lethal.

Have you ever seen something like this on a goose, duck, or other waterfowl?

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